Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Deal

I am SO getting getting the best end of this deal. In fact, I asked T if he felt he was selling his birthright for a pot of stew. You see, the man came home from work tonight and told me he really needed to shave his head. (Two guys at work did it...and he just needs to.) I can't stand it when he shaves his head. (He takes a razor to, really shaves his head.) The last time he did it was a few days after MW was born and quite frankly, I was furious. I don't think it's very becoming on the guy...I'm slightly partial to longer hair...and if he follows in either of his grandfathers' steps, he'll have plenty of opportunity in the future to have that shaved head look (partly because he says if his hair ever thins, he's going to shave it off). 

So...I've been wanting to get a dutch oven and after a friend sent me the link to this recipe for French Onion Soup...the dutch oven has very much become a "necessity." My birthday is at the end of March...I figured I'd ask for one then. 

So...tonight T says if I "let him shave his head" (like, with a good attitude) I'd have his blessing on going ahead and purchasing a dutch oven, rather than wait for my birthday. (As in, it doesn't count for a birthday present...)

He really wanted to shave it...I figured I could get a little more out of the deal...

So I bargained with him and, get this, in exchange for shaving his head ONCE...

  1. I am heading out to buy whatever dutch oven strikes my fancy...TOMORROW!
  2. The man did all the dinner dishes and completely cleaned the kitchen (I didn't even take my plate to the sink).
  3. And here's the kicker...I thought I'd never see this day...He promised me he would forever say farewell to his uni-brow (meaning he will keep TWO separate eye brows 'til death do us part...and as I type this, I realize there is something endearing about his uni-brow...I suppose it has grown on me over the years...)
I think I'm coming out ahead. I see this as a short term sacrifice for the long term goal...heck, the uni-brow would've been good enough...but don't tell him I said that! 

PS: Sparkle night post later this week...


  1. wait wait wait...a shaved head in one thing...but NO UNIBROW? will i even recognize my BIL? what a precious gift he has given you. :) love you, t!

  2. You are so funny!! I hope you all are doing well. I will have to try the French Onion Soup, but I do not have a dutch oven either, hmmm....

  3. Dave would be so proud of your negotiating skills. Will you come with me the next time I buy a car :)?

  4. Dutch oven: ~ $100 (???) plus years of amazing soup to enjoy

    Clean the kitchen: 30 minutes (all the while listening to the Rush Limbaugh Podcast)

    Break the Uni-brow forever:1 minuter/week

    Shave my head,set the standard for Crew 5, and gain admiration and respect from co-workers for years to come: PRICELESS

    Thanks, babe. You really are the best. And I know there is some little part of you that thinks my shaved head is sexy;) Love you.

  5. I hope the recipe is good after all of this!! I never once noticed the unibrow if there was one. I must know all about the dutch oven and how the soup turned out. Good leadership T.