Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Male & Female He Created Them...

My sister's baby shower was Saturday and it was great fun and beautiful and she received so many precious things for sweet Mary Thomas. I brought my camera with great intentions, but Katie had a friend snapping pics left and right, so I put my camera down and spent my time visiting...this is the only pic I have. I'm sure Katie will post on it at some point...(and hopefully send me some of her pics!)

I could EAT her UP in that bonnet! And how wonderful that she still considers it a great privilege to get to wear it! (T's great-grandmother made it for MW!)

The food at the shower was great...really, it was fabulous...just not er, um, later...but more on that to come...

Saturday night Mom treated me and T, and Katie and Matt to a fabulous dinner! She made dried beef wrapped chicken in a most yummy cream sauce…too good for words…fall off the bone delicious! Accompanied with a feta, pear, and walnut salad topped with homemade balsamic vinaigrette…too good for words! And then she took all of us to see Riverdance…SO FUN!

And then came Sunday morning...we'd sort of all decided to play hooky and hang out at Mom's and enjoy one of her BIG breakfasts...she rolled out the red carpet...ham, eggs, muffins, biscuits, fresh was amazing (though I struggled to eat the few bites I ate...thinking it must be a re-lapse of MS...little did I know).

While we were there I got a little sneak preview of what is to come at our house...the little man kept putting his head on my nephew, Baby B's, lap and saying, "I love you, baby!" It was pretty sweet!

Prior to this scene, MW wanted to help feed Baby B - that lasted about ten seconds...and then she wanted to hold him...which lasted about ten seconds...

Here's Baby B...not quite sure what to make of all of this...

Katie and I had to get a belly shot in there...and no, we did not intentionally coordinate...
(I'm 19 weeks, she's 32 weeks...)

MW desperately wanted "in." then came the ride home...which was horrendous...and then a terrible night...followed by pretty much two solid days of feeling like I'd been run over...(little did I know that nearly every other woman at the baby shower was experiencing the "love!") (Really, it's kind of funny at this point...there was something oddly comforting about learning that I wasn't the only one...that my sisters and mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law and several other women were um...sick, too...)

Ok, so I was worthless for two days...but I'd been super excited about getting to hear Robin Jones Gunn speak...she wrote a book series called The Christy Miller Series that had a profound impact on my life...I've been SO excited about hearing her I pulled myself together, caught a ride with some friends...and got to hear her speak! And got to hug her neck and get my picture taken with her and get her to sign a few books...SO FUN!!! (If you have pre-teen or teen girls or know any...these books are amazing! They are God honoring, clean, sweet stories of friendship and love...and the Gospel is packed in there...but in a subtle way...literally thousands of girls have written to Robin sharing that they came to Christ through this book series...YOU'VE GOT TO READ THEM!!!)


So I came home and crashed...after gushing all to T...

And then came morning...and before you see the pictures of what greeted me - I want to point out the title of this post...obviously God created men and women differently...I could never do what T does...he's works in the Operations department in a Nuclear Power Plant...and actually holds a license to run the Nuclear Plant...yes, he is a stinkin' genius!!! 

(These are diagrams about nuclear power off the nrc's website...) then came morning...and this is what I found...and please keep in mind that Saturday my house was extremely orderly...with only a few stacks of dried, folded clothes to be taken to the children's rooms and put away...

(um, that's popcorn all over the doesn't show up too well in the pics...that's what they ate for dinner last night...the night before, it was frozen pizza...)

Ok, yep, a lot of that is mine...the glasses and magazines...MW set up a tea party for her babies beside the bed Sunday night...

little man had misplaced his sippie cup while T was in charge...I found it the bathroom...(sorry if this pic offends anyone)

And my how God put a spirit of joy in my heart today as I laughed to myself thinking how very differently we're created and how thankful I am to be at home with the children, rather than at a nuclear plant...and how thankful T is to be at a nuclear plant, and not at home doing what I do ...the children did survive. In fact, they are just fine. 

MW did go to school without her coat and was sent inside off the playground because she was so cold...she missed ballet...and her manners class...and she didn't have her magazine picture that started with the letter of the week...she didn't turn in her letter folder with a parent signature and didn't get her sticker...she didn't turn in her book order form...but worse things have happened...

As I broached the morning, I prayed asking God to let the little man sleep until 8:40 I heard him in his crib and realized I hadn't made a dent in all that needed doing...and I asked God to please let him play contentedly in his crib until 10am...(which would be a miracle!) and guess what...God was so gracious! That little guy fell back asleep and a little after 10 I got him up and he was happy and talking to himself and Bo Bear...God is so sweet!

So here are a few random shots of our fun afternoon...

(Ok, the pic below is NOT what my child normally looks like...)

Happy Day to You!


  1. so glad you are feeling better!

  2. Glad you're feeling better!

    I loved Christy Milller when I was younger! That is really cool that you got to hear Robin Jones Gunn speak! I thought about rereading them recently b/c my mom brought me a box full of books from my bedroom. Those books were such an inspiration to me!

    I've seen similar "destruction" of my house too. Aaron has said on many occasions that he is so glad to be at the CU all day, and I've said I'm so glad to be home! The Lord knows what he's doing!

  3. I LOVE the picture of MW with the Headband with bow. I'm glad that you are better. Let me know when when YOU have a shower or sip n' see! How many weeks old was T3 when you had that sip n' see? I am doing one for a new friend here.

  4. So glad you are feeling better! And how fun to meet the author of the christy miller series!! Love the pics of the house....oh, the reality of day to day! I see all these fun things in the background.... chalkboard.... and fun chairs, ballet mirror? I know your house is decorated beautifully!
    Want to see more pics of your house! so fun!

    love you bunches!

  5. Glad to hear you're well again! I LOVE the picture of you and Katie--that one's a keeper for years to come! How awesome to share the wodnderful experience of pregnancy with a sister. :)

  6. i can't believe you posted those pics of your house! i laughed out loud. what a perfect example of why God created families to have a mom AND a dad who know their roles. :)

    love that pic of you and me. will send you ones from the shower...after I clean up the explosion that went off in my house (and bathrooms heehee)