Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Letters

The last two mornings T has given me the most beautiful love letters that have filled my heart to overflowing and left me with a song and dance in my step...

I got the first one Wednesday morning at about 4:15am...and it went "swish, swish, swish..." followed by the intermittent sounds of "crsssshhhhh....crsssssshhhhh....crsssshhhhhh" - T had gotten up extra early and spent a solid 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, stopping, I believe, every ten minutes or so to do a round of push you know how loved that made me feel?!!

Yesterday morning I woke to find my toothbrush beside the sink with toothpaste already on it!!! A simple gesture, loaded with thoughtfulness...and that meant my man was thinking about me while brushing his own teeth! Which made me feel special!

And then I went in the kitchen and found my favorite mug atop the coffee machine...warming...waiting for a yummy cappuccino!

And then I opened the dishwasher, prepared to put away a very full load of clean dishes and this is what I found...

Completely emptied!!! (Unloading the dishes is one of those things I have to psych myself up to do...not exactly my favorite!)

And I felt SOOOOO loved by my man! I told MW, "Your daddy really loves me." And she said, "Yeah, God's been working in his heart." - ha!

Yesterday was a good day. I ran a million errands and did what felt like a hundred loads of laundry...and the kids played well...and when I went to pick up little man from MDO he ran the other way. That is a great feeling! (Seriously!)

Between "weddings" and "tea parties" and imaginary "pirate fights" and hunting for "tigers," we've been having lots of adventures!

Note the "wedding dinner" we enjoyed...the table was set by MW...

Poor thing...I made MW take the dress up off Scout as soon as I saw can tell how much she was loving wearing it! to the next adventure!


  1. I am happy for you. I never even thought to put toothpaste on someone else's toothbrush, except a child, until Bill did it for me. We are truly blessed sister.

  2. I love happy days!!!!! Way to go T~ I bet your love language is acts of service! :)
    I am so thankful for reasons to smile~ Thanks for sharing!