Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Half A Cheek...

Little Man LOVES some shoes...mind you, normally it's his camo boots he's wanting to wear...

I know this pic is washed out 'cause I shot it too close, but I LOVE it! he remind you of anyone in particular in this picture??? Like Uncle E?

Ok, six things to tell you about today:

1. This afternoon, when MW came home from school, T3 was being a bit of a stinker. MW piped up and said, "T3, you are being the whiniest heinie (yes, I looked that up in the dictionary: "slang for buttocks!") with half a booty cheek on your head." Spelling of the word heinie aside, I realized that essentially my four year old was calling my 19 month old a "booty" head. We had a light little talk about not telling people they have half (or for that matter a whole) booty cheek on their head...

2. I saw it happen, but could not get there fast enough. T3 dipped a paintbrush in the toilet and proceeded to put it in his mouth and suck the water out...thankfully, on this rare occasion, the toilet HAD been flushed! Still, pretty nasty!

3. I was sitting at my desk when MW came in and stared at my stomach. Her jaw dropped and she rushed over and rubbed my tummy and practically shouted, "oh mama! Look how much the baby has already grown!" I laughed on the outside and died on the inside. Then I did 15 minutes on the elliptical machine!

4. T3's hair has been in his eyes for sometime now. I traded out some graphic design work for some haircuts and I'm down to my last one for him...I hate to use it just to have his bangs trimmed - though he needs a good cut all the way around...but his hair grows so fast that he really could use a good cut monthly...which I have neither the time or patience decided to trim his bangs myself, therefore foregoing the full cut as long as possible (like right before Thanksgiving when we see all the fam...). You might remember the last time I attempted to I started trying...and he wouldn't move his hands and he kept wiggling (he was in his high chair), so I decided to try a bit of distraction and gave him the last fruit by the foot...that worked for like five then I wound up holding both his hands against his chin, along with his head in one hand, while I used my free hand to trim his hair. Of course, the fruit by the foot got covered in hair, but he insisted on eating it after I got him down from his high chair and let him run wild, I realized I cut the right side of his bangs like girl, straight across, not tapering down into a bowl cut (you can sort of see it in the full length pic of him above)...oh was time to go to church. Of course, once at church his hair had dried and it was extremely obvious...thankfully a friend held him in the parking lot for me while I cut his hair with my childrens' blunt tipped safety scissors that I keep in my's still a bit of a whack job, but he looks much better. He definitely needs a professional cut, but this will buy us a few more weeks.

5. MW and I are continuing to read Little House in the Big Woods. She has decided she REALLY wants to make maple syrup like Laura's grandpa makes. I'm trying to talk her into just buying some...tonight we read about Laura and Ma going out to milk the cow. They couldn't open the gate because the cow was in the way...then they realized it wasn't their cow, it was a bear. Ma told Laura to go inside quickly. Laura obeyed without hesitation or questioning. Ma praised her for that once they were safe inside. Wow! How refreshing to read books like that! To have the very things we're trying to teach MW reinforced! Yea for the Little House series!

6. MW has continued to suggest we move to another country and even wrote Obama two letters today. Oh, she also told me that she doesn't want to take pictures of our friends and house, etc. before leaving, she just wants to draw them.

I think that pretty much sums up our day. I'm halfway through chapter two of The Lies Women's good stuff. I'm taking my time digesting...

And, thank you to so many of you who have commented, sent emails, spoken to me face to face, or called to tell me you're praying for us. That means so much to me! Thank you! And please keep beseeching our heavenly Father on baby's behalf! Thanks y'all!!!

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