Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breakfast Date

T woke MW around 6:45 this morning to take her on a date...a date to vote and then sport their "I voted" stickers at Krispy Creme where they would receive a free red, white, and blue donut. MW was pumped to go along and be a part of the Presidential Election!!!

They waited 45 minutes to vote and once they got their ballot, T covered up the extra choices with his fingers and allowed MW to draw the line to connect the arrows. So little miss four year old got to help her Daddy vote! Of course, the guy manning the machine gave them both stickers and then off to Krispy Creme for their donut! What a fun morning with Daddy! They brought home a few extra for me and the little man.

After dropping MW and T3 off at school and MMO, T and I headed to the doctor for my ultrasound! Yea! Hooray! Baby is where he should be! I cannot describe the relief that brought! It was a great visit. I am so thankful for my doctor and for all of his nurses and staff - they are fabulous!!!

Around 10am I went to vote! (And now I am feeling so sad to know that McCain is not going to be our next President...more on that another time. I'm too tired to go there right now. I'm too sick at my stomach. Hmm...should I spread the sickness around, so we can all be the same? I would hate to be sick and not have you be sick too. That wouldn't be fair would it?)

Ok...so we all know by now that Obama is going to be our next president. Ugh. Well, here is where the rubber meets the road in terms of faith and trusting in the sovereignty of God. Obama is slated to take office. God is still good. 

Before falling asleep tonight, MW once again suggested we move to another country if Obama takes office.  She followed that up by asking if the city where her grandparents live is in another country...not quite.

Oh well...she will be disappointed in the morning. 

When we got home from school this afternoon, MW sang me a song she had made up that she would like to sing to Obama to tell him about Jesus. One thing is for sure, while I'm lamenting the things I fear our future president will do, my four year old is praying for his heart. Perhaps I could learn a little something.

Good night. May we sleep well, resting in God's sovereignty.

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  1. That's cute they made a morning of it. I tried to explain what we were doing to Landon (3) but I'm not sure I did a very good job putting it on his level. He liked his sticker though!

    Tell MW, I'll move to another country with her! :-) For about 4 years!