Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life Today

The outing for the day:

Seeing the scarecrows and playing at the Botanical Gardens! (This one was MW's favorite.)

Watching the koi fish...the red-head is a friend of ours.

MW jumping, T3 trying so hard to be like big sis.

Um, MW was a little happy…check out that neck!

The spiritual question of the day:

“Do we pick boogers to the glory of God?”

The help for the day:

Um, this is really why we had kids. Note MW has a broom slung over her shoulder!

The strange dream I had last night:

Ok, this is pretty weird. Last night I dreamed that I lived in an apartment in Japan and I had to crawl through a very narrow tunnel through a very deep wall to get into my apartment. As the building aged, and more people moved into it, the tunnel got more and more narrow until I could barely get my shoulders in...I asked T why the tunnel was narrowing and he replied that it was only a matter of time before the entire building gave way and collapsed. And then I dreamed about the building collapsing on me and being barely able to breathe because of the rubble and dust. I dreamed about waiting, knowing I was at the bottom of the building...wondering if anyone would ever uncover me...and then I woke. Scary, huh? And when I woke, all I could think about was 9-11.

The project of the day (yesterday, that is.)

T cutting bricks! He’s cut all the bricks for the edges of the sidewalk and has started halving bricks for the “filler.”

Little man helpin’ out.

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