Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Finger

WARNING!!! This is kind of gross...fascinating to me, but gross, none the less. So, realize that before you read OR look on...

I thought you would all like to know what was for me, the HIGHLIGHT of our Italy trip...seeing Saint John the Baptist's INDEX FINGER! I actually took that photograph of the index finger of Saint John the Baptist! Truly, I tell you! It is indeed St. John the Baptist's index finger. See for yourself. I'm not kidding. In case you missed the story in scripture accounting for why the modern day church has his index finger, or in case you are wondering how (or WHY???) they came to posses such an amazing treasure, you MUST read this explanation. Be sure to skip to the bottom two paragraphs, for the sake of time. Unbelievable, I tell you!

* Ok, I really did take that picture while we were in Italy. I find this rather humorous. I don't believe for a second that this is John the Baptist's index finger. John was beheaded, remember? I am just not thinking someone somehow got a hold of his finger...anyway, after a little web research, I'm thoroughly convinced it most certainly is some random person's finger. In case you were wondering (as one friend was), you didn't miss some story hidden in the Bible. I was just teasing about that. And I really hope I didn't gross anyone out. Am I weird? I do think it's interesting. Depending on responses on this...I might or might not tell you about Saint Katherine of Sienna and show you the picture I have of the picture I have of a part of her.


  1. oh come on jenn, you have to show the other picture of whatever other body part; we're intrigued now!

  2. press print screen and paste into paint to steal the picture