Friday, September 12, 2008

Sprite, Pretzels, and Phenergan

…I’ve been SICK! I woke yesterday morning not feeling well. I thought, either I’m really hungry, or I’ve got a stomach bug…T got up with the children and readied them for school/mom’s morning out while I laid in bed…debating…hunger or a bug? I ate part of a piece of bread crust around 7:30. I couldn’t keep it down. Later in the morning I tried two small sips of sprite and a pretzel…and couldn’t keep that down. I took a phenergan and ahhh…blissful sleep…on the sofa in the den. That’s some powerful stuff! I slept through T moving a twin mattress and box springs down the steps (which are in the den) and another set up the steps. (We used to store some stuff upstairs for our neighbors…they were ready to the get their mattress and box springs back…thus the “move.” – Only MW had been sleeping on them…thus the new set going up…) Yeah, so anyhow, I SLEPT through all of that!

Today I feel much better, only very, very weak and hesitant to eat much.

I know I’ve blogged about our dear neighbors who passed away, Uncle R and his mother…well, an 83 year old woman bought their home and is re-doing it. Yea! At least that’s what we thought when we heard the news! Workers have been over there all day everyday for several weeks…a few days ago they took out the old double hung wooden windows and replaced them with vinyl clad…and today they are finishing putting yellow vinyl siding on the house…they are covering the shingles with vinyl…VINYL! I am so sad. That house had such charm and character. When we bought our home, it had been covered in vinyl…we’re still paying the price…as the vinyl aided in a major manifestation of rot! I wish the new owner would’ve come over to see what happened to our house thanks to vinyl…I am sad about it. Sad about that vinyl going up. That’s one thing in new construction, but oh, please, don’t cover up a nearly 100 year old house in vinyl…preserve a little of the character and dignity of the house, if not for yourself, then for the neighborhood! So anyway, I am very sad about that. Each time I gaze out my window, I see that yellow vinyl house glaring back at me. It makes me very sad. Very, very sad.

Here's the house after they removed the old wooden windows...

Oh well…in the mean time, a sweet friend is bringing chicken noodle soup for dinner – I can’t wait! And it’s not even lunch time yet! All I’ve eaten today is a handful of pretzels and a fruit by the foot – gross, I know, but I’m desperate! Oh, and not too long ago two sweet Mormon ladies knocked on my door. I opened it and told them I’d had a throw up bug and now was just not a good time for a visit…it was the truth, though I’m certain they doubted it. Oh well…

T3 is napping, which means he probably won’t nap this afternoon. Oh well, perhaps I will corral the kiddos in the playroom for the afternoon. I can just lie on the floor while they play.

Here’s to hoping the bug is gone and that no one else gets it!


  1. I am so sorry you have been so sick! BTW-I loved the post on Silly Sock Day! I was with you, we glued eyes on L.'s socks! Anything goes on Silly Sock Day. M.'s were so funny!

  2. Sorry you were sick. I battled nausea and didn't quite ring the trash can last week, long story, but I'm better. I hope that you are much better. Oh the sore muscles in your chest after that!!
    What a blessing to have a chicken noodle soup friend!

  3. Hey Jenn! Hope you're feeling better! Just wanted you to know that if baby doesn't come before this Friday, I'll be induced. Be looking for a call from me!!!!

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