Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soap and Steak!

Do you see those knots of hair on the sides of her head? The ones the flags are stuck in? That's what she spent the first twenty minutes of "I'm supposed to be going to sleep" doing...and it just about took that long to get them OUT! Flags are compliments of Bobo!

This just made me laugh!

Ok, so this was our afternoon:

We had a last minute mandatory meeting we both had to attend…which meant lugging the children with us…as we entered the building MW pointed out a bell like the teacher uses at school. We promised to let her ring it one time on the way out. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes and as we left, several adults gathered around to watch as MW rang the bell. Well, she only patted it and it barely rang. An older lady said, “oh, you’ve got to give it a hard whop, like this.” And then something happened to my child…she disappeared and this horrid little thing with a sassy mouth took over and she yelled, “NO!” And jerked the cover of the stroller down over her face…ooooooh! I cringed. Was that MY little girl who just spoke in such terrible tones??? I wanted to slide under the carpet. As soon as we got out to the car I told T how mad I was at her. I was so embarrassed and I had to question my heart...was I more concerned about her sinful little heart, or about what all those adults now think of me and my parenting. It was a grotesque moment when I realized how much my concern over what "they" thought of my parenting was effecting me. When I confessed this to T, he suggested I not partake in any way in the discipline…so on the way home we talked about disrespectful talk, honoring our elders, etc. When we got home he took her in the bathroom and made her stick her tongue out. He gave her a big squirt of hand soap, and rubbed it all around her tongue and made her close her mouth, making sure to “wash all the filthy talk” from her mouth. Then he let her spit and have some milk…

While that was going on I was preparing dinner. Tonight we had French green beans, steak, and French onion soup (from a can). Sounds fabulous, right? Well, T had bought the steaks a few weeks ago and I’d frozen them. They weren’t the best cuts of meat; in fact, they were rather cheap. I marinated them all day, determined to make them taste fabulous! T brings them in off the grill and they looked and smelled delicious. I had given T3 a handful of green beans. Evidently he’d thrown most of the handful on the side of his high chair where I couldn’t see…I called MW to dinner, she came running around the table and WHAM! Slipped on the green beans. Here’s the drawing she did of a monkey slipping on green beans:

…so anyway, she cried and cried and cried (mostly tired tears) and I finally got her settled and back in her seat. So then we began eating. T3 puts a tiny bite of steak in his mouth, swishes it around and “plump” spits it out. He wouldn’t put another bite in his mouth. I took a bite and chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed…..and finally swallowed a small bit of it…and I’ll spare you the very nasty details. I choked! I had to get up and fish hook my finger down my throat. It was scary. Right then I decided I wasn’t hungry enough ever to try to eat that meat again. A few seconds later, MW did the same thing and wound up spitting hers out on her plate…WHAT was up with that meat??? We threw it away. T couldn’t even finish his…I’m sure us choking had nothing to do with it!

I stopped by chick fil a on the way home for another round of a more edible dinner.

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