Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tonight's The Night!

Tonight is Sparkle Night! Way back when I was in high school I spent a lot of time with TNR. She invested so much of her life in mine and consistently pointed me to Christ. Spiritually, she had a HUGE impact on my life! Once she shared this idea she had for “Sparkle Night” or something like that. If memory serves me correctly, this was an evening to wear formal attire and glittery makeup and go out to dinner, just the girls. Well…I’ve put a slight twist on it and we’re having the second annual Sparkle Night dinner at my house. What, might you ask, is Sparkle Night? Well…it’s a night for girls to wear as much sparkle and bling as they possibly can. We gather for a formal meal by candle light – fine china, silver, and crystal, and we celebrate that we have a Savior who has come down to earth to save us. We celebrate that our Heavenly Father is the King of Kings and is sovereign over all. It’s a night to celebrate being girls and being feminine. It’s a night to have fun and be “girly.” Overall, it’s a night to remind the girls that they were intentionally created, from the hair color God gave them, to the shape of their faces, they were all created in His image and they were all created intentionally by the awesome and creative God for whom nothing is impossible. Some girls come dressed to the nines, others sport their mother’s prom dress complete with a tiara or the like. I plan to wear (assuming it will still be at the thrift store when I go to purchase it today…nothing like waiting until the last minute…) a gold and black sequined 80’s party dress, complete with a whopping HUGE bow on the shoulder. I’m going for the “my mom’s prom dress” look. There are five girls in the Bible Study I help with. When I asked them if they wanted to do Sparkle Night this year, they immediately responded that they not only wanted to do Sparkle Night again, but that they wanted to host it and invite the older girls in the church. Thirty-eight invitations and two weeks later, we have a final head count of…..drum roll please…THIRTY-FIVE girls! So…to everyone who gave us china and the like for wedding gifts, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Between wedding gifts and what my grandmother gave me, plus my everyday china, each place is set! T helped me move all the furniture out or against the walls in the living room and we’ve actually set 35 places between the dining and living rooms! We’re going to be packed in there like sardines…but that’s okay, it will be so much fun! Please pray God would give me grace under pressure. My girls are coming over after school to help with last minute details and to get ready here, together…FUN FUN FUN!

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