Sunday, May 25, 2008

THE Recital!

Saturday morning found us rushing around prepping MW for her recital! It took me, Mom, and JJ to get her ready. With a slicked back bun we pranced out to the car and headed for the recital! T ran to pick up flowers…four bouquets! One from each “family.” He and his fam dropped T3 off with a friend and we all made it in a timely manner…to sit through a one hour recital all for our dear little MW’s three minutes on stage…and it was worth every second of it!

She did her own thing for the first half of the dance…and then “presto chango!” And she got confused again and hollered off stage to her teacher, again, being heard above the music, finally it clicked that she was to move to the front row. She went to her spot and just stood there, staring out at the audience. At that moment, as a mother, I wanted to run to my child and shelter her. To take her away from there. The standing and staring only lasted a few seconds. She seemed, to me, to be a bit upset, but then she eased back into the dance and completed it with grace and poise! (Albeit, it was her own choreography…made up on the spot!)

I’ve got to get on my soap box for a second. DO NOT ENTER OR EXIT THE SEATING AREA DURING A DANCE!!! That is RUDE! It’s rude to the dancer as well as to the parents who are there to see their child and NOT your rear end! Enter and exit BETWEEN dance numbers! NOT DURING!!! Not once, but TWICE I had to wiggle around to see my daughter for the three minutes she was on stage because the the people two rows ahead didn’t stay in their seats! Okay, all that to say…just DON’T DO IT!!!

Yesterday was MW’s last day of 3-P! I cannot believe she’s finished! The year has flown by! Not to mention she’s grown almost four inches! I am so looking forward to a lazy summer. I have three freelance jobs to finish and then I’m going to be VERY selective about what I take on for the summer. I hope to spend our days riding bikes to the pool, swimming all morning, perhaps we’ll take a picnic lunch, head home around 1 for naps/rest time and maybe head back to the pool in the afternoon. Since T is on 12s, we could stay at the pool until close and still be home in time for dinner! Especially if I set the table and did the prep work during their afternoon rest time! Yea! I am going to eat up my time with MW and T3 this summer, savoring every minute. I’m determined and I’m on guard to protect our time! Pray that I’ll be careful about commitments we make…


  1. I find myself running into the same problems with knowing when to say no. It is hard when you know that you should help and you also know you should spend more time with your babies. You are wonder woman though, you get A LOT done. I LOVE the pics at the top. They are precious.

  2. I Love the pictures. Oh how sweet. I look forward to seeing you soon.