Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here Comes the Bride...

What am I going to do with MW????? I went into school today to pick her up a few minutes early. What do I find?…my little girl sitting next to HB (boy). She sees me walking down the hall and shouts, “Mama! Me and HB got married today!” I look at her teacher who smiles and nods and says, “She’s been sweet on him all day.” I turn back to MW and she’s KISSING him on the cheek! Oh my goodness!!!

We get in the car and she says, “I TOLD him we were getting married. It happened while we were on the playground.” She admitted to me that HB did not want to get married and that he did not kiss her, but she did kiss him, “a lot.”

As we pulled out of the parking lot, I passed HB’s mom and told her our children had gotten married. She said HB had asked her to marry him the night before…hmmm…

I can’t wait to hear what T has to say about this!

I took both children for haircuts today…all three of us were due (as the lady in the wheel chair at Walmart reminded me this morning! “Cut her bangs.” Ok lady, HE is wearing green and blue…) T3 went first and cried between bites of raisin and graham cracker. He did not like the cape. We almost left with half of his bangs uncut.

MW did much better. This was her first “real” hair cut. By “real” I mean it’s the first time we’ve paid someone to cut her hair. She got an inch trimmed and the lady layered it a little to help the curl. Yea! I think MW felt like a princess sitting in the chair and having Miss S. brush her hair…

Taking both kids for haircuts and getting one myself is exhausting! Exhausting! I can’t believe how emotionally tiring it was! Thankfully a dear friend showed up to have her hair cut a few minutes before it was my turn. She watched T3 for me. During my hair cut T3 threw his banana on the floor, screamed, knocked over a plastic tub of hair supplies, trekked cut hair everywhere (this lady cuts hair in her kitchen…so trekking hair everywhere is sort of a big deal!), screamed more, fell several times, screamed a bunch more, and filled his diaper. I wound up holding him while the girl finished my hair.

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