Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Little man busted yesterday. I was carrying a laundry basket down the hall and he was teetering behind me when he fell. He started crying, but he was tired…didn’t nap yesterday (and MW did! That was her first nap in months…go figure!)…so I went ahead and carried the basket into my room before going back to get him. I picked him up and he threw back his head as he screamed. His teeth were bloody and the blood was pooling in his mouth and running out. I ran to the bathroom and sopped up as much as he’d let me with a washcloth…so much blood. He kept screaming, so in desperation I handed him a graham cracker and he immediately stopped crying and stuffed it in his mouth. It was so gross. I’m used to dealing with soggy graham crackers, but add in the blood…nasty! About ten minutes after the ordeal, I went to change his diaper and when I laid him back, I noticed he had blood in his nose. I called the pediatrician who had me run down a list of “checks.” It appears when he threw his head back, with the mouth full of blood, some of it went into his nose. He has a small laceration inside his upper lip. Amazing. Children are so resilient! He’s just fine today and not a bit swollen. I’m sure this was the first of many!

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