Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down For the Count!

Well, we all have it! Or some form of it...the FLU!

It all started after we enjoyed a rousing Friday afternoon of shooting! Yes, all of us. MW actually shot a 9mm. (Not to worry. T was right there with her, his hands on top of hers. They were VERY careful!) And I kept T3 several hundred yards away. At one point, a friend came to hold T3 so that I could participate. I got to shoot a 12 guage...ONCE! Ouch! And then the 9mm. While we were there, MW complained of being cold...

On our way home, we stopped at Hardees and got burgers for the kids. MW usually devours a burger...this time she barely picked at it. (In fact, I found the entire burger, minus one bite in her bed! T had put her to bed...with her burger!!!) Saturday around 3am she came into our bedroom and she was burning up with fever! 103.6! We gave her motrin, tucked her back into bed, and she woke just fine. No fever, and she was even quite the bubbly, happy, little one!

We'd made plans for Aunt A to come for a few days of her spring break, so she arrived late Saturday night, at which time MW began running fever again! After a sleepless night for both MW and I (she never slept more than 30 minutes at a time - T mysteriously slept through ALL of this!) we went to the doctor and got the news...the flu. They said if anyone else began running fever to get 'em checked...I must add that Sunday night T got up with her to administer Tylenol and Motrin and he did let me sleep! Thanks, babe!

Later Sunday afternoon I was running fever...I went to an after hours clinic and the flu test was negative...they said maybe a sinus infection? I sure feel like I have the flu! By Monday afternoon T3 was running fever. He saw the doctor Tuesday and his flu test was negative. Aunt A had been a huge help. What would I do on my own, sick, and with two sick kids? By Tuesday afternoon T was feeling sick. He called his mom, who dropped everything and came down. (Thank goodness it's her Spring Break!) She arrived last night around 7:30 and has busied herself with cooking, cleaning, and caring for T3 and MW. What a BLESSING she has been! I actually slept until 11:15 this morning! Do you know when that happens with two little ones? NEVER! My body needed that SO bad! I'm not up to speed, but I am feeling much better! MW seems to have made a bounce back this afternoon. I can tell she's not 100% just by the way she's fallen apart in tears over things she'd normally brush off. T3 is looking worse. His little eyes say it all.

I haven't made it to the gym this week...for obvious reasons...but my abdominal muscles have certainly gotten a work out from all the coughing! Seriously, I am very sore!

Our visit with Aunt A, in spite of this illness we seem to be sharing, was very fun. Some very cool things happened surrounding her visit. I am constantly reminded that God is sovereign! A sweet friend called Saturday morning to see if we wanted her jogging stroller. She'd only used it TWICE! When I told her we didn't need it, she asked if we knew anyone who I shared with her about my sister, A. She said she'd love to give it to A...When she dropped it off at my house that afternoon, she walked through the door and said, "You know my mom was 18 when she was pregnant with me?" She went on to share an incredibly encouraging story of her mother being given money to have an abortion, which she refused. Neither of her biological parents were believers and they divorced when she was only 8 months old. It was not until college that she became a believer and it wasn't until her wedding that her father became a believer. What a reminder that God is sovereign. And what an encouragement to us! My sister, A, was DELIGHTED to get the stroller and even took T3 on a walk in it. I am thankful for friends who are so eager to love with the gospel!'s almost 9. My MIL (that's my cool sister K's code for Mother-In-Law) just brought me a yummy baked potato and some gatorade. As T just said, I too am glad she's here. What a blessing! I can't imagine trying to care for everyone in my current state...

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  1. I'm SO sorry you are all sick! I hope you feel better soon and Happy Easter!

    PS - I love the pics of T3 pressing his face in the window ... so cute!