Monday, March 10, 2008


I’m not going to say much about the title of this post, except that simply closing our door is no longer an option. We will be purchasing a LOCK. And T and I can’t look at each other without laughing…

On to other things…

Friday afternoon we found ourselves at Target. MW had her wallet with all $33 in it! We went straight for the aisle with the dress she’s been saving for. As we turned the corner, she could see the skirt sticking out. She jumped off the edge of the buggy and ran for it, shouting, “I just knew they would have it! I just knew it!” She hugged the skirts of the dresses while I flipped from hanger to hanger to find her size. She was so excited! She grabbed the shoes and the gloves and the crown and wand and put them in the buggy. I explained to her that she only had enough to purchase the dress. We squatted down in the aisle and counted out her dollars until we reached $33. We put the other items back on the shelf. MW decided she wanted to save for the shoes and the wand and crown, but not the gloves. When it was our turn to check out, I told the clerk how MW had been saving for months for that dress. Her expression went from (what I perceived) “what a spoiled brat” to a genuine smile. She wished MW lots of fun with her new dress.

As soon as we got home and out of the car, MW had stripped down and needed help putting on her new dress. Later that afternoon I took her upstairs to rest. I promised her she only had to rest long enough for me to make a phone call to my sweet friend, ML. After a good visit on the phone, I went up to get MW…but I couldn’t find her! I searched the playroom and her room…under the covers…under the bed. She was nowhere to be found. Just as my heart was beginning to panic, I opened her closet door and there she was, curled up in a ball in her new princess dress. She was sound asleep, under a blanket, with her flashlight lighting the closet. I backed out of her room and tip toed down the stairs. Too cute!

That little nap in her closet started something. It’s now her house; her “joy filled house” to be exact. She invited me in and there we sat, MW on the floor, and me in a little chair. We had tea and cheese-its and a “joy filled time.’ She’s cracking me up! So, the last TWO nights, she’s slept in her “joy filled house,” a.k.a. her closet! What kind of parents are we? Our child is sleeping in the closet!!!

We worked in the yard over the weekend. We pruned (wrong time of year, I know, but it was now or never!) big time! I can drive down the driveway without branches scraping my car! After the pruning, we spread pine straw. T “staged” the bales, I spread them out (with T3 in the backpack!). MW decided one of our beds would be the sea and “built” a boat with a bale of pine straw. She also took the little “sub-bales” the larger bales are comprised of, and turned them into “steps” to her boat. At one point, I was a few feet away and she called out, “Child of God, you are in the sea. Come to my boat or you will drown!” Ok, she is crazy fun! How hilarious! Where does she get this stuff?

T3 still has that tooth that won’t break through! Soon…please! He’s so close to walking! He continues to bang everything and anything. The louder the better! He’s going to be a year old in three weeks! Yikes! My little man is growing up!

T took me on a date Saturday night. We had so much fun! We ate at a little Sushi restaurant. Neither of us had ever had sake, so T ordered a small for us to share. It was interesting. I’d try it again. However, after only a few sips, I accidentally poured soy sauce in the little cup…what was I thinking? (I promise it wasn’t the sake!) It was just one of those bone headed moves! So, I poured my “sake soy sauce” into the soy sauce tray and got some fresh sake! Oops!

After dinner, we went to Target and got coffee and walked around. It was so fun. We browsed through the camping gear. T compared all the knives and leatherman type tools. We looked at watches, tried on sunglasses, picked out an umbrella. Really, we just enjoyed one another’s company.

After our brief Target run, we went to the movies to see Vantage Point. Very cool movie. There’s some language, but overall, it was very clean. There was a great car chase! (I love car chases!)

There was also a teenage couple sitting in the back of the theater, who, I guarantee, did not see ANY of the movie…

Speaking of things I love (car chases), how ‘bout that song by Rodney Atkins, Cleaning This Gun? Um, I’m liking that one. We need to file it away for the future! And maybe the daddy of that teenage girl we saw making out needs it as well!


  1. LOL, that MW is hilarious! She sounds like a lot of fun to be around and raise. Can't belive T3 is almost 1! I also know two others who are about to be a year older. Glad to share my bday month with you and T. Y'all have the best time together! HOpe to see ya this year!

  2. You are too funny!! And all that MW says and does cracks me up! Glad you and T had a nice date Saturday night! What fun... Target & a movie! My kinda date!