Monday, February 4, 2008


I'll address the title after an update on the kiddos!

Yes, it's sad, but true. MW's imaginary friend, a rabbit, named Hoppy, has run away. She does this every few weeks. I found MW crying, more like sobbing. When I asked her what was wrong (mind you, she'd just disobeyed and been corrected) she shared her concern for Hoppy, who ran away, and is staying with her (Hoppy's) mom and dad, who are very mean to her. They are "bad guys." MW was "just so upset" about this. Now, me personally, I'm ready to take Hoppy out back and send her to the happy know what I mean! Hoppy is the source of more tears and grief...most of which normally follow MW's disobedience...

T3 is more mobile than ever! He's also more gutsy than ever! He is now the proud owner of six teeth, four of which are on top! This afternoon I took the kids outside to play. I washed out our giant green plastic pool, dried it, and filled it with "beach" toys and let T3 go wild in it! Wow! He LOVED it and played for about an hour!

He's started the "drop it" game, only it keeps him entertained! He stood at the coffee table, dropped his toothbrush, and had such a delightful time bending down to pick it up! As in, he was having a blast! Oh, and how I wish we had a digital video camera so I could capture this and upload it for you to see! We have truly seen sin in our little boy! He LOVES playing with the remote control, which is off limits. He knows this. He understands "no." We can tell him "no" and he will stop whatever he's doing. So yesterday he reached for the remote. T told him "no." T3 just kept on T took the remote from him. That little boy's face got so red. He bounced up and down, mouth open, in absolute anger, without a sound coming out for a few seconds and FINALLY sound came out! And it was the loudest, most angry scream. You'd have thought we'd done something to hurt him! Unbelievable! T and I looked at each other and laughed!

T was recently on a business trip with several other guys from work and I have to brag on him. What a MAN! I've spent some time recently, reflecting on the man I married and what I have come to truly love and appreciate in and about him. I adore his good looks. I LOVE the fact that he's been working really hard to take care of himself. I LOVE his dark, wavy hair! But the things that came to mind before all of that were of much greater significance. My husband is a man with such great strength of character. He is a leader. He is also a man of integrity. Wow! While we were in high school, I was head over heels for T. It's been a while since I stepped back to think through the things that initially drew me to him, and the things that continue to pull me in further. We've been through a lot over the last four years - some really hard things. As I've reflected on all of that, I've realized what a MAN I am married to! T is amazing! I've seen his strength of character, leadership, and integrity come shinning through time after time. He is far more concerned about honoring God than man. He cares far more about what God thinks of him, than about what man thinks. It's incredibly freeing being married to a man who thinks like that. So...that strength of character came shinning through most recently during this business trip. T was riding in a van with a group of men when these guys decided to stop for lunch. Now, not wanting to state the actual name of their restaurant of choice, I'll refer to it as "Mammary Glands." All these guys, several of whom are married, were piling out of the van for lunch. T asked for the keys to the van and said he was going to run down the road to a fast food joint. Another guy from the group decided to join him. When asked why T did that, he told the guys he didn't want to mess up a good thing with his wife. Wow! What a man! I am SO THANKFUL he is MY HUSBAND! I am so proud of him! Choices like that make me just want to scream to all the earth what a MIGHTY FINE MAN he is!!!

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