Monday, December 3, 2007

Picky, Picky!

I really want to write a long post, but don't have time right now. We've been super busy since Thanksgiving. Our tree is up and the house is decorated! I'll have to post about that another time.

For now, I really wanted to record MW's most recent prayer. First I have to give you a little background info: MW has picked her nose RAW! She's had a visible scab in her nose for weeks. We've done all we can to encourage her to stop picking, at least until her nose heals. Inevitably, we find her picking! Watching a movie...picking! In the car....picking! Going to sleep...picking! Picking, picking, picking! We sat down for lunch today and I asked her to pray. Her prayer went something like this: Dear Lord, Thank you that you will make my nose well so I can pick it again. Not yet. I can't pick it yet. But once it's well I can pick it again. Please make it well so I can pick it again." TOOOOOO funny!

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