Monday, November 19, 2007

Living With Superman

So I always thought I married Superman...only as of today, I KNOW he's Superman! My husband is busting out a HUGE concrete ramp that's been in front of our house!!! The "busting out," as you might imagine, has been a bit disruptive, but oh so wonderful! It's scary! Up until now, we always tell people "Oh, we're working on our house. It's in the works..." and now that the ramp is almost gone, it's time to make a commitment. The front will, structurally, be complete. Done. No more " in progress." Yikes!!! I sure hope it looks good!

So while T has been busting out the ramp, with a jack hammer MW has spent every waking moment in awe as she's watched her Daddy bust out chunks of concrete! When he first started, she ran outside with the most concerned look on her face and cried out, "Oh no, Daddy! God put it there! How will we ever put it back?" T3 has been quite fascinated as well. I thought the noise and vibrations would bother him, but I was wrong...he's mesmerized. That's a boy for you!

MW and T3 have both been "under the weather." T3 seems less bothered by his ears, which I can only assume means they're getting better. MW continues to cough, but claims she feels fine. We decided to go out to lunch today. I told MW to get herself dressed...scary since I didn't pick anything out for her. She came downstairs in a long sleeved pink t shirt, striped shorts, two left white keds (as in, no right shoe...two left feet...) and a princess tiara. "I'm ready!" she yelled.

Once at the restaurant MW "spanked" her taco into a flat pie...disgusting! Then she ate it! We don't encourage playing with food, somehow in the midst of filling drinks and getting napkins, etc. she just did it. We didn't even realize what was happening! In spite of a diaper cloth bib, which covered all of T3, we somehow managed to get carrots and peas on his top and bottoms, and of course all over his face and up his nose! Between "little miss two left feet" and "veggie boy," we were quite a scene!

MW has been asking a lot of questions about babies and where they come from, as well as where she was when T and I got married. Last night she put on her wedding dress and told us she was getting married to her "huband" and that she had a baby in her tummy and that it was also her birthday! All at once! Yikes! So back to the baby question. I think she's milking us for all we'll give her and being a little manipulative...asking both of us seperately! So I told her babies are born when there's so much love it spills over into a new little life. T told her God takes some of the daddy's DNA and some of the mommy's DNA and puts them together to make a baby. So...she asks how a daddy's DNA gets into a mommy's tummy...YIKES!!! so we (jointly) told her God knits baby's together in a mommy's tummy and finally she walked off, the wheels turning. Ahhhh! She's only 3! I'm certain I'll have more to write on this later.

You may have noticed the seemingly out of place photo above! Interesting and what does it have to do with our family? I was cleaning out our medicine cabinet and came across a few outdated items that brought back a few memories. I decided to take a picture and throw out the containers. The Caladryl expired in 2002. It was left over from our wedding...yes our wedding! I was so stressed out with the demands of a wedding (and if you've ever gotten married, you know how "stressful" such an event can be...) that I broke out in hives or something...these red bumps, that itched like crazy! T's sweet cousin LR surprised me with the Caladryl and what a blessing it was! And the other item, was GasX. The instant I saw those little green pills I was taken back to a cold night in February. We'd just moved into our house and I was pregnant with MW. T took me on the most wonderful date, which was MAJOR at that time in our marriage (dates can be expensive!). We went to this little cafe place downtown and it was cold outside, but warm inside. It was a quite night and we'd just gotten our humble little cups of soup...which was a splurge and our entire meal...and I got this pain in my stomach. I could not move it hurt so bad! If I sat still, it was painful, but if I moved it felt like sharp pains...finally T diagnosed me with gas...a lovely side effect associated with pregnancy. We practically drank our soup in our rush to get to the drug store for some blessed relief! T ran in and bought me that wonderful GasX! It was a miracle worker!!! I adored those little green pills! So that's what's up with the strange pic!

Back to Superman...he's piled two mountains of concrete on either side of our driveway! There are three huge chunks left that need breaking up! Amazing! We hauled I don't know how many wagon loads of concrete and sand to the street! The city used to pick up construction debris, but someone made a stink about it being a "competition with free enterprise." Thanks to that "wise guy" the city no longer picks up debris like that. (And no, our taxes did not go down!) So...we called the city and they're coming out tomorrow to see if they can pick it up...

MW got a little sassy with T tonight. He told her to put away her dress up stuff and she back talked with, "no, I'm gonna read right now." T was like, no you aren't, and to top it off, you're not going to read in bed tonight." So she tells him, "I didn't want to read tonight anyway." Needless to say, she won't be reading in bed for several nights!

Both kiddos are asleep and T is laughing in front of Seinfeld! (I LOVE it when he laughs that hard!) What a physically demanding, but fun day! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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