Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gettin' Ready for Baby

The countdown is ON. T-minus three weeks. Woop woop. 

So I'm just now painting baby's closet. The Engineer repaired the flaking plaster last week. I can't tell you how much better and cleaner it looks!!!

Today I ordered a day gown to smock for baby to wear home from the hospital. I've waited progressively longer with each baby in this regard. I figure I'll have time in the hospital. Cough cough. 

Friends threw a lovely shower and we are well stocked with diapers and wipes. Hooray!!

This morning I combined coupons, returns, and gift cards to purchase a new baby carrier-we wore out our bjorn with the other three and this new one (because it carries to 45lb) will be helpful for our little China baby, too! 

Last night friends joined us for dinner and brought along their fifteen month old. Sister was in heaven. She toted that baby all over the place and played and played. I can't wait to see her with our little one! 

I've been nesting the last few weeks (The Engineer would say that's an understatement)...I made a master check list and am slowly but surely crossing items off. 

We have completed 25 days of homeschool. I'm hoping to get in another 5 so we can take a full six weeks if need be. The children are so excited. They feel like they've been in school forever-I do too!

I am learning to laugh with the best of them as people roll their eyes and look at me like we're crazy when they hear that this isn't our first, but fourth. And inevitably one of the children pipes up and exclaims, "and we are adopting!" Or they will ask if the children hope the baby will be a boy or girl and Little man replies, "I just want a china brother." And wow. The conversations and comments. They aren't all bad. Some are downright funny. The man at Costco asked if we had considered finding another hobby. I laughed hard and told him that after our youngest was born-as in, she had just been placed on my chest-I'm still in the stirrups, and The Engineer exclaimed, "Let's do it again!!!" I love that man. 

We still don't have names picked. Names are tricky. 

I miss this space. Being here. Writing about life. And yet, we are so busy living life right now that I struggle to find the time to eek out more than a phone post. That's alright. Tis but a season. A sweet, albeit very busy season. 

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. SO excited with you and for you!!! Praying that all will go well and that you will enjoy these precious, precious days. Love you! XO

  2. Looking forward to seeing photos of that beautiful baby in your arms! So you're 37 weeks? You all must be getting so excited! I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my second and am looking forward very much to seeing my little one as well!
    Wishing you all the very best and looking forward to 'meeting' that baby!!

  3. Love and miss you all! Please have T contact us when baby comes! So excited for you all!

  4. I am so very excited for you, friend. You will be a FABULOUS mom of five. Please don't get another hobby :)

  5. You sound like a beautiful family! Blessings to you all!

  6. Such a great post. Loved reading about the preparations for baby and the children's excitement! Can't wait for that little baby to show up! Much love to all of you!