Friday, January 11, 2013 Pictures (January)

It's so much fun pulling these together...looking through a year's worth of pictures. My babies were so much younger! And I find myself feeling a little homesick. For our friends and our old house. Kind of one of those "I'd really, really love to go back-just for a weekend-and have the kids running in and out between our house and our sweet neighbors' go to church where I know almost wake up in our old enjoy that beautiful kitchen again! And to dine with our neighbors for nearly every meal for an entire weekend." Oh - those were sweet days. And these are sweet days, too. I just felt that wave of nostalgia.

We've had a wild end to the week. Poor little man has run fever off and on for a few days. Little Bit ran fever Wednesday. This morning Sister called to me from the bathroom to tell me she thought she "might have a throw up bug." And then she hurled. Again. And again. And again. So we are laying low today. We enjoyed watching Through Gates of Splendor. Such an amazing story.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

Enjoy collages from the past several years: Pictures (January) Pictures (January) Pictures (January)

My sister is capturing their year via collage, too. See it here.


  1. You kids would love the Voice of the Martyr's Torchlight series. They have the Jim Elliot Story that is animated. I have the whole set of Torthlighters. They are amazing! It is a fun gift to give in their stocking or for Easter.

    Hope they feel better soon :(

  2. Oh Jennifer...I always *love* these collages you do! And, yes...I've been around here long enough to say *always*...isn't it crazy how quickly time flies?? ENJOY the moment! ENJOY these days!!! You will look back on these days with longing one day too. Trust will!! (You know I speak from experience, right?) I hope you all feel better soon. I will pray for you today....

    Much Love,