Saturday, November 3, 2012


Because the kitchen almost caught fire Wednesday night.

Because the entire downstairs filled with smoke.

Because the oven has baked her last.

Because Lowes mis-priced (a chunk lower) the range I really wanted.

Because they honored the marked price.

Because in addition, they honored their percent off sale.

Because The Engineer stinkin' ROCKS!

Because the countertops will still be blue.

Because the upper cabinets aren't getting any higher.

Because we are getting more creative with what we have.

Because The Engineer aced his last test, and unexpectedly has the weekend off.

Because God is lavishing us with His kindness and grace. And we are thankful and humbled.

And when I told Little Man we were getting a new range, he got a BIG smile on his face and said, "You mean you're going to cook like you used to before we moved?"

That's right Little Man. That's right.

Woop woop!!!!


  1. Hey Jen! I love that I am reading your post as we are on our way to Birmingham to get our gas oven from our house there and switch it out with our new house's electric one. I am not used to cooking on an electric and I have burnt everything under the sun! I have felt like I forgt how to cook! As you probably know- we moved back to Dothan (not what I was expecting at all!). I am so glad your friends bought your house! Charles told us you had a contract the week we were down there looking. We looked at your house but I am so glad your friends got it! I hoped someone special would live there and enjoy it!

  2. Oh Jennifer...Yahoo!!!! I *love* what Little Man said...JUST. LOVE. IT!!!! And...isn't is amazingly wonderful when the LORD provides in such unexpectedly great ways??? ENJOY!

    Love you!

  3. love reading your posts! miss you so much! but so thankful to be able to keep up with your lives from afar on here. miss those kids too.

  4. I want to see that new range ASAP! Like NOW.

  5. Totally awesome! I am without a stove myself so I feel your pain! Can't wait to see the final product.

  6. Little Man cracks. me. up!!! So happy that God has so graciously provided this for your family, because it is so nice when you can actually enjoy cooking and eating your food!