Monday, August 20, 2012

Sometimes I Think...

Little Man is playing soccer and loving it! So his team may have kicked the ball in the wrong goal, thus scoring for the competition...and maybe the little boy who kicked said goal might have melted into tears on the we had to yell a few times to kick the ball down the field in the other's bound to get better. And the boys are enthusiastic. Our soccer coach is great. The families on the team seem wonderful. I think it's going to be a fantastic season!

We have switched grammar curriculum. The end of grammar last year was like pulling teeth. I mean, there practically was gnashing of teeth and wailing every time I brought out the grammar. (Sister's was audible, mine was all in my heart.) We've switched to A Beka. It's So. Much. Better. Now. Sister begged to do two lessons today. She's enjoying it. I am so thankful for options! So thankful. Like - SO thankful! (And I'll add, thanks to the curriculum we used last year, she's at least a solid year ahead of grade level - I suppose it was hard for a reason! - And I am all about challenging! But not breaking my child's spirit. She was breaking.)

Despite an insane amount of activities this weekend, The Engineer and I managed a few projects. I'd show you the finished version of this bed, but a certain child baptized it last night and it's stripped the photographs will wait.

The Engineer replaced both thermostats with those of the digital variety. Our last bill was, ahem, $688.91. Upstairs thermostat set at 78 degrees. Downstairs set at 90 degrees. I am NOT kidding. The Engineer told me and I started laughing. "Yeah right. What is it, really?" He was serious. We just laughed. Because I mean, what else is there to do? We laughed and laughed and laughed and thanked God for Dave Ramsey. 

Right after we got that bill, our 30 year old AC unit kicked the bucket - so that was another chunk-a-change - It's located on the front of the house, beside the front door. We'd planned to move it when we replaced it. But the funds only go so far. You know? (And speaking of has been so sweet to see the Lord provide for us. We stand in awe.) So I think we'll be getting creative with some plants for now. I'm just hoping we'll see a major difference in the next billing cycle. 'Cause a repeat won't be funny. 

Sometimes I think...I live in the twilight zone. Or something. Today, I'm dealing with this little girl, who is just precious, like steal your heart precious. But she had colored on Little Man's worksheet. Then she waded up Sister's math sheet and bit Sister's dress and yanked back, ripping a hole in it. This all happened in like 3.2 seconds. All while I was dealing with another disobedient child in the adjacent room.

So I finish with the first child and call Little Bit in. And she is sobbing because she knows she is in trouble. And I am dealing with her...and she is bawling. Thick, clear snot is running out of her nose. And she keeps sticking her fingers up her nose...and popping them in her mouth. Then she'd wipe the snot off her upper lip and lick her fingers. And she's staring into my eyes with her big blue teary eyes. And I realize what she is doing. And I am trying so hard to hold it together. To be serious. Such a strange sensation - wanting to vomit because that's just gross. Wanting to laugh because it's hilarious that she's crying so hard and is all serious, but keeps doing what she's doing. And then total repulsion, too, because it's completely disgusting.

And I'm thinking to myself that I can't believe this is happening. Is this for real? And I ask her, "Do you like to eat your boogers?" And she grins. It's a huge grin. And without hesitation she shouts, "YES!" I couldn't hold it in any longer. I cracked. I died laughing. We laughed together. And then I told her eating boogers could make her very sick and she should stop. Immediately. She looked me in the eye and said, "They salty and I like dem."

Earlier this afternoon she proudly announced "I went potty and I wiped with dis." And she pointed to the small towel I wrap my hair in after a shower. I'm just thankful she didn't put it in the potty. Rather she hung it right where I left it. I couldn't even tell she'd used it. 

Maybe that's worse. 

How many other times has she done that? 

The Engineer now refers to it as the "tee tee turbine."


  1. we replaced our a.c. a few summers ago. paid cash. emergency fund - thank goodness!

    it is SO efficient and we are now comfortably cool for an average of $100/month.

    hope your story has a similar happy ending. it's plain un-fun to spend money on an a.c.

  2. I'm sorry to laugh at your woes, but I am! That Little Bit, she is a hand FULL.

    The a/c thing, we're about to do that too at the new house. I'm counting on it being much more efficient!

    One of my boys scored a basket for the other team this past basketball season. Unlike Little Man, he never realized that he ran the wrong way. Oh well.

  3. It might be a good thing that LB and Dantz Machine are no longer hanging 'cause it wouldn't be good. Dantz claims her boogers taste like yogurt. GAG!!!!!

  4. Oh my!! I am dying at that Little Bit! I have told my little one so many times that she is a "piece of work", that now she proudly proclaims it about herself! You just have to laugh sometimes...better than the alternative.

  5. That little girl is something else! I loved the last story.

    So thankful God is providing for you and you figured out why your bill was so high.

    He is amazing isn't He? ;) Thank you for your encouraging note. One thing I would like you to pray for me is that I will not freak out as Marcus starts football. Today is his first practice. This poor homeschool kid isn't going to know what hit him. This small town they are going to are VERY serious about their football. Pray for his protection and that this will be a positive experience for him.

    Thank you!


  6. I laugh so hard every time I read your blog! I guess she solved the mystery of, "Why do they eat their boogers?" You are not alone in the twilight zone...I better do some math around these parts! Have a great day!!!

  7. I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your blog. I am an interior designer in Nashville and newly married and sometimes between my crazy work schedule, clients and trying to be a good wife I just need a little encouragement, and your blog has helped remind me to keep my eyes focused on the Lord.

  8. I love your blog, your honesty and transparency as a Christian. I feel compelled to tell you that I was disappointed to discover that you have chosen not to homeschool two of your children. Homeschooling is indeed a lifestyle(There will be seasons where you cannot 'fit it all in' but the truth is that no school out there can, either) There is no better place for your children to be, than with you. Noone else desires the BEST, the Excellent, for them as you and your husband do. I love what the Engineer said in one of your previous posts about them witnessing real life. God has entrusted your beautiful children to you(Deut. 6:7). He will give you what you need to raise them accordingly.

  9. i'm dying laughing at the end of this post (not about the ac though). looking forward to dinner wed!

  10. This post was full of all kinds of funny! You give such an accurate portrayal of motherhood. I don't know how mommas do it who don't have Jesus. Can you imagine?
    Thank you for making me laugh!

  11. Hello Precious Friend! I am playing catch up on blog readings and just finished this post.

    First- I love you and the way the Lord has used you in my life and others. I pray and think of y'all often. I am thankful that you follow the Lord and hold tight to His truths. You love the Lord, your husband and your children very well. You are precious in His sight and ours :)

    Second- To Miss Anonymous, COMPELLED??? Your comment was offensive in every way.