Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chop Chop

Have I told y'all you're wonderful? Thank you for your continued sweet and thoughtful comments and emails. Y'all are precious. Who ever thought bloggging would become such a source of encouragement?  Y'all rock. My heart still yearns, but the Lord is also graciously working, making me a little bit more content with where we are right now. For that, I am thankful. And please, keep praying for us!

It's been a whirlwind of a week and a half! 

Sister and I have been growing our hair out for a looooong time. We'd planned to get it chopped at the same time and donate. But, Sister kept chickening out. A few months ago, I went on and got mine whacked. It was too long. It was time. Twelve inches...gone. I am loving the shorter length. Definitely cooler for the summer. I'm not so crazy about the time required to style I fix it twice a week. Usually. (Wednesdays and Sundays) - The poor Engineer! I should probably do something about that! You know, make the effort to look good for my man! (Ok, now I'm feeling convicted.)

So Friday afternoon, Sister was in tears as I brushed out the tangles. An all-too-familiar scene.

For the one hundred and ninety-ninth time I said, "If you would just get it cut you wouldn't have all these tangles," expecting to hear back for the one hundred and ninety-ninth time, "No! I want to grow it out a little bit longer." BECAUSE...a certain boy said he wasn't sure he'd like her hair cut short..

But instead, she said, "Let's go NOW and get it cut!"

But "NOW" wasn't a possibility for the lady who cuts our hair. So I did the only sane thing. I did what any mother who's been brushing out tangles to tears - trying to pick her battles - would do. 

I rubber-banded all that hair into mini ponytails (to get the most length for donating purposes). I measured...9 inches...I took the scissors, and I CUT! I can still hear the scissors slicing their way through her thick hair.

And she giggled. 

And kept saying, "Oh Mom! Oh Mom!"

Nine inches of healthy, beautiful hair. She's donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and hopes it will go to "a mommy who needs it!"

Just moments after, Little Man and The Engineer entered the bathroom declaring Little Man was ready for a buzz. He is darling and I am happy he is happy and feels grown up, but oh, how I miss that adorable bowl cut!

We shampooed after the cut...

Little Man shampooed, too, and then tried to hide in the closet so I wouldn't take his picture.

While all that was going on, Sister slipped upstairs to get ready for dinner. She came down with GREEN eyeshadow, a light pink top, white cropped sweater, her purse, jean shorts, and her camo cowgirl boots. I was speechless. What to say? I did suggest she remove the green eyeshadow before we headed to dinner.

And...I dropped the ball on this one. Sweet Amelia from meandmybrightsides did a little blurb on our casa. A week ago. She said some really sweet things. Thanks for having us Amelia!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. That was so me as a girl. I remember crying and stealing Jo March's famous line about my hair being my only real beauty when I was a couple years old then sister and my mother suggested cutting my waist long blonde hair. Now I can hardly grow it past my chin!

  2. I love BOTH their haircuts! AWESOME!

  3. Sweet girl! What a servant's heart she has! That is so precious and they both look adorable!

  4. Sister has your beautiful hair and it looks so pretty long, but she looks adorable with her new perky 'do. And what a great use for her gorgeous locks!

    P.S. That dog is HUGE! Seeing him next to Sister really brings him to life!

  5. cute new hair, Sister! --- and handsome Little Man. there is nothing like just chopping it all off.

  6. Love your daughter's new fresh and modern!

    Your little guy looks great too.

  7. Yippee for all that gorgeous hair going for a good cause!! And please tell Sister that I think her new *do* is cute! :)

    Love to you!