Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beehive Fixture

A few weeks ago, while the children were with the grands, I wandered though one of our antique malls. One of the first booths I passed had this beehive. When I saw it, my mind started racing...I walked through the rest of the mall, all the while becoming more and more excited.  I went back by that earlier booth and snagged it...because I knew just what to do with it.

I told The Engineer of my plan and he readily affirmed the idea. We pulled out my largest mixing bowl, bought at good ol' Walmart the first summer we were married. He drilled a hole in the bottom center and we bought a wiring kit from Lowes...

In about thirty minutes flat, we had this. The Engineer's cousin helped me with placement. The old star light that used to hang here will hang in a bedroom upstairs. 

I'm so impressed with The Engineer. SO impressed! I love it that he gives life to my ideas.

We did decide to go with a florescent bulb as a safety precaution...since the hive is made of straw.

I'm pretty pleased with our little beehive light! Total cost: $30. (beehive: $20, wiring kit: $10)

PS The beehive was totally clean inside and there is no hole in the side...anyone know if this is a legit beehive or a look-alike?


  1. AWESOME! I love it, and you are a blessed woman to have such a handy husband! It's great, I'd hang it in my house for sure.

  2. So. much. fun! And, it will be so versatile! Good idea, Jenn, and good work, engineer! Husbands that champion our dreams are amazing; I speak from experience.

  3. What an exciting and fun project! You need to open up an interior design firm with those babies of yours are all grown! :)

  4. I Love this! Great job. You are one creative lady. Am still dying to try a slipcover like you have done...need to work up my courage! thanks for sharing

  5. This is SO precious!! I love this idea! We're planning on doing a "Bee" 1st Birthday for AL in December and I have been looking for all things Bee-ish. Great job, and hats off to the Engineer!

    Thanks, also, for your sweet comments on our blog. Such an encouragement!

  6. OK! You and the Engineer R O C K ! ! ! I love you guys and your family! Hope to see y'all soon!!!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! You are so darn clever and brilliant! I want to hate you, but I can't. I love you in spite of myself.


  8. I LOVE THIS! I have been "eyeing" a small beehive myself at an antique mall for months trying to figure out what to do with it if I got it! Might steal your idea for over Miss Elizabeth's desk! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  9. LOVE. IT. Oh Jennifer, pretty please may I someday in my own home be just as creative as you and Taylor!

  10. Hey Jenn,

    It looks awesome ... what you bought is actually called a bee skep {pronouced "skeep"} my mother always had them around our home and in her garden growing up! It looks super cute as a light fixture!!! Love it!!

  11. I think you and the Engineer need your own decorating DIY show. Y'all are a talented pair.

  12. Every house needs a beehive.

  13. The pendant looks great --almost like West Elm's Beehive pendant which was $79 on sale. Very creative. You have a precious family.

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