Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth!

We have had the greatest Fourth of July! I think I'll begin every road trip with boiled peanuts...yum! Especially at 10:30 am.

Our dear, sweet friends invited us to spend the Fourth with them at the lake.

This was especially meaningful to me because I grew up spending every Fourth of July at my grandparents' lake house. There was always peach ice cream (that was never quite frozen) and watermelon seed spitting contests and flags and my grandfather would choke up as he read an old newspaper clipping about our great country and Ronald Reagan, and sparklers, and fireworks off the dock...those memories are sweet and precious to me. I replay them in my mind and smile. And gone are those days. Again, which is why being at the lake was really special for me.

Saturday night we had s'mores. And afterwards, a "chubby bunny contest." Which. Was. HILARIOUS! Have you ever seen grown women compete in such a contest? Hilarious. 

The house where we stayed hasn't been updated since about 1968. It's like it was frozen in time. There were even old bathing suits tucked away in, old school, movie star glamour kind of suits. Had they been my size, I totally would have worn one!

My friend's grandparents had spent many, many holidays at this particular lake house. In fact, my friend spent a good bit of her holidays as a child here...and she told me all about the grand parties and feasts and spreads of potato salad and fried chicken! 

Because everything in the house is so "frozen in time," right down to the contents of the medicine cabinet, it got me thinking about how very fleeting life is.

The last time the owner was there, did she know she'd likely not be back? All those friends who packed that house...smoking and laughing and loving life...all but one have passed away. Yet many of their belongings lay tucked in those drawers and closets. How very fleeting is our time here on earth. 

It really was the grandest time!

Little Bit and Little Man had quite a time riding on the vacuum cleaner.

And coke!



Pretty much the only time you'll find coke in our house is on very special occasions. However, it's sort of a staple for our friends. He works for coke. And our children could NOT have been more delighted and ecstatic!

Sunday night we watched families compete over fireworks...very fun. 

Monday morning we left the sofa bed pulled out and the children piled on.

And Monday was spent, like Saturday and Sunday, chillin' in the water. Despite SPF 30 and 50, Little Bit was turning pink. Much to her chagrin, we managed to get Little Man's jammer top on her.

That is one FINE man!

This popsicle business is serious stuff. Read me: do NOT mess with the Little Bit during popsicle consumption.

The children did some gator surfing...

Little Man braved jumping from the dock...

It was quite a drop...

and once he did it...

he did it again...

and again, and again.

Monday night, once settled back at home, we heard fireworks. Sister talked me into running outside to try to spot them. Would you believe we wound up in a huddle, in front of a neighbor's house, with the children in their jammers, standing with our mouths hanging open, staring through a clearing in the trees, at the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen. It was a magical moment I treasure.

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth and celebrated not only America's birthday, but God's incredible grace to our country. He has blessed America and I am so thankful to live here. During these uncertain times, when it seems foolishness prevails, I am reminded that "the king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will." 


  1. How WONDERFUL Jenn!! I *love* how you record the happenings of is fun to read. :) Your photos...gorgeous! (I think the ones of Sister wading are my favourites...with Little Man jumping a close second). What blessings from the LORD!

    Happy Summer to you!

  2. LOVE the nightgown wading pictures of Sister. How sweet and classic!

    And what cool reflections about the weekend! Glad y'all had fun!

  3. Sounds like the absolute perfect vacation. Such fantastic photos to mark it, as well. Next time you go there, snag me a swimsuit!

  4. i love me some boiled peanuts...any time of day. they remind me of when the love of my life was trying so desperately to woo me. boiled peanuts were a staple during those days!! :)

  5. What fun! How blessed you are to bea ble to spend time at a lake with the fam!

    That house sounds fascinating!

  6. Kids and water. They instinctively know how to have fun, don't they!?

    So glad you could all celebrate together.

  7. Love me a boiled peanut especially on a road trip. Sometimes they are hard to come by and it's so disappointing.

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  9. Now THAT was an all-American weekend for sure! What fun... and so much for which to be thankful.