Monday, May 2, 2011

What Up?

Y'all, I have wanted to get back on the ol' blog and share what's been going on with us...but with all the tragedy and heartbreak that's happened recently with tornadoes sweeping the south, combined with life in general, I've been at a loss for words. My heart aches for so many and I sit in my home and teach my children and take a shower in clean water in my own bathroom and I marvel at God's sovereignty. And I am humbled. I do not deserve what He has so richly lavished upon me. The last week or so has brought me face to face with God's grace and mercies. How unfathomable are His ways.

With that said...a brief rundown of the last several weeks.

For his fourth birthday, Little Man received a hand-made paratrooper figurine. One of a kind. Specially made many years ago for Grandpa, who was a Paratrooper in WWII (503rd, Pacific Theatre). This was a BIG deal and had long been anticipated by Little Man who has had his eye on said Paratrooper for quite some time.

I love this picture of him. This is so often Little Man! All smiles and beaming! Ready to take on the world.

And this picture sums up day in and day out. Little Man, camo EVERYWHERE and Sister, dressed up (as a pirate). Always. (This was at Little Man's birthday party.)

Somebody lost a front tooth! It didn't just fall out, JJ (my MIL) hit her in the mouth (accidentally, of course!). And in her defense, the tooth was dangling. (smile)

And we have hunted eggs at least three times in the front yard. I keep spotting more as I pull out of the driveway.

Little Bit broke a window pane. Nice. Now we have TWO currently knocked out in that window. 

She's crazy.

Have you heard my sister's news? Here she is telling one of her dearest friends! I LOVE this shot! Mom took it!

And here is Sister, conversing with none other than precious Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of the Jesus Storybook Bible. Do you have this Storybook Bible? No? You need a copy!!! 

Sister was smitten! Of course, it's pretty cool to be six and get to meet the author of your favorite book that your Mom has read you three times already!

After we heard Sally Lloyd-Jones, my sister (middle sister, I have two sister doesn't blog) and her "Little One" and Mom joined us for a loooong weekend. 

It was nothing short of wonderfully insane and exhausting.

We spent a morning at the Strawberry Patch picking...

You should read my sister's description here.

By the time we loaded up, everyone was a sweet and sticky mess. Mom even has stained pink tennis shoes to prove it!

Little One, you are ADORABLE!

I'm so glad you and all seventeen of your lovies got to join us!

We are missing you something fierce!

And you made me laugh really hard.

Come back and see us soon! Please, please!

Look what I found the other day? Silly sisters. 

Hope you and all of yours are well and safe and provided for, especially after the weather that has recently swept through the south. May God be glorified. 


  1. Love it! Glad everyone is safe in your fam after said events. It's tearing me up. Think of you often as I sit and sew shorts :) Also, I think the picture of Little Man with his gun looks so much like J! Love to all,

  2. love this. thanks for all the pics!!

  3. great update! i too have been at a loss for words with all that's been going on.

    we love the JSB too! how cool to meet SLJ.

    excited for your sister's news!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful family, so excited for Katie!

    Yes, heartbreaking. An instant.

  5. love the strawberry pics! sticky but fun!

  6. A most wonderful post my friend! I miss you when you are away from this bloggy world. :)

    I's difficult when others are hurting and we are not...what a contradictory thing to deal with! May the LORD indeed meet all the needs of those who have lost and may they KNOW HIM through it all! I watched some of those testimonies incredibly moving!!

    Your update of *life* is just beautiful and your photos of the children stunning...blessings upon blessings!

    How exciting for your family to anticipate the birth of a little niece or nephew...sooo wonderful!

    Much Love,
    Camille (in Canada) xo

  7. thank you for letting us know you are OK. Such trajedy all over down there.

    Little Bit is getting so big!

    Love ya,