Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've got three sick babies today. Despite a long night, Little Man was up at 7. However, Sister slept until 10:45. Uh-huh. She's still in her jammers and has sipped orange juice all day. I woke Little Bit at 11am. I guess coughing all night wore the girls out?

(Above pic is from the weekend. The girls were "playing homeschool.")

Later, last weekend, all three conspired to make a "pirate ship" and "sail the seven seas!" A lot of tape, one pirate flag, an old wrapping paper tube, and the sash off a dress - made for one fine pirate ship.

Sister made Toothless...

and rode him all over the house and even made a bed for him! (Translation: yarn, draped in fabric scraps, tied to her coat rack and strung across the bedroom and tied to her desk chair, making the room almost entirely inaccessible, but oh, so fun!)

Sister has also been doing a little house painting. All the fam went in to purchase a doll house for her for Christmas. This was meant to be her house that she could decorate however she wanted. She painted the nursery light pink - walls and floor, and finally used her prized Fancy Nancy stickers as wall decals, and painted "her" bedroom aqua.

And she is so proud. I am happy for her. It's fun to see her creative wheels turn! Even when it makes me gasp and I have to remind myself we got this for her so she could call the shots.

The Engineer has been hard at work trimming out the library. Little by little...the progress is slow, but AMAZING. He is so talented. SO talented.

And there has been the typical business of life, over the weekend and since...crumbs everywhere...

Spilling faster than one can sweep them up...evidence of life!

And the intense blessing of three children and all the clothes they wear. The never ending cycle...and when my heart grumbles, I remember hauling our laundry basket from married student housing to the other side of campus, to spend hours and many, many quarters...and I remember the time I had it all washed, dried, and folded, and was on my way down a flight of stairs only to lose the entire basket. And I am thankful for a washer and dryer - INSIDE my house! (And I remember writing in my prayer journal in that laundry mat, on one of those folding tables, pleading with God to bless us with a baby...a girl, if He would...many months later, Sister joined our family!)

Little Bit, in her pearls - always - got her hands on some graham crackers. I'd just opened them.

Um, she went to town.

Sister's made about ninety-two popsicles in her "make your own" mold. That's just since she got them on Friday. How 'bout that t-shirt? A gift to me, from my bro-in-law. The Engineer (that's his photo) made that in grade school at a Harley Davidson rally. (He went with his BFF.)

I opened the freezer and this made me smile. The colors. The blessings.

We've just finished The Wind in the Willows. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. We've spotted many a mole burrow (tunnel - whatever?) in our yard. I just know there's an underground world of cute little moles and their friends having adventures in our back yard. I think the children might have the same idea.

So far, Ginger Pye is pretty cute!

Lunch on Monday was sliced cukes (cucumbers) sprinkled with feta cheese. The children ate THREE cukes! (All gifts from the beloved Mr. Earl - thank you!!!)

The children and I have been working on a recipe for Rosemary Bread.

So far, so good.

A precious start to the morning. Even if it is decaf. 

A friend of ours has a birthday coming up and I was feeling the bug to sew...

I knew ruffles would be cute. Her name, appliqued, would be cute, too.

So I broke out a brand new hot pink pillowcase, appliqued (in my head I call this "applique the red-neck way"...'cause I cut out the letters and then sprayed the backs with spray glue, slapped 'em on, and then stitched 'em down...). All in all, pretty cute. I hope the birthday girl likes it!

Here's to a good night of sleep. Healthy babies. All three cuddled on the sofa with pillows and blankets. A giant pot of homemade chicken soup...and The Engineer's sweet gift of a Route 44 Lemon Berry Real Fruit Slush. Yum...what a great ending to a long day. Blessings to you and yours!


  1. Yikes, three sick kiddod has to be tough! Hope they are all on the mend! I wish we lived close and could hang out and play!!!

  2. And many blessings to you, the one with sick babies.

    Your messy, crumby, creative life is beautiful and colorful. And, I'm loving that pillowcase; definitely tucking this idea away for future gift ideas. I've been feeling the itch to sew too.

  3. I hope all the kiddos are feeling better soon and you all sleep tonight! Super cute pillowcase for the birthday girl!

  4. I have one sick baby too. A killer cough that keeps him up from napping and night time. He is 18 months so we can't do cough medicine but we have been doing the syrup of heavy fruit cocktail. It works like a charm! He slept through the night last night.

    Love the pillowcase. Just love it!

  5. Oh my goodness that pillowcase is the cutest thing! You are so creative!!! The birthday girl will love it and I can already hear her saying, "This is FANCY!" Love the laundry story and Sister's dollhouse is the sweetest. Love that you are letting her make it her own. What a treasure!

  6. Hang in there my friend...your life is beautiful...really beautiful. Praying for you......

    Camille xo

  7. Hope your kiddos are better now! I love the imaginations of your whole family! You are one talented bunch.

  8. Rosemary bread is AWESOME! We love it! Today was the first time I tried it for biscuits and they turned out excellently! It went quite well with your rosemary chicken soup! :)

  9. i've been looking for a good rosemary bread recipe!

    that pillow case is so cute.

    great post on life!

  10. The way you share your life here is so encouraging, and I think your transparency makes the gospel so attractive. Thank you for sharing your crumbs and dirty laundry!

  11. Such exhausting days. Life marches on, whether we are ready or not, right?

    Hope you are recovering!

  12. Oh the messiness of life! I hear ya! Still, you make it all look so beautiful :)