Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh, Little Man!

Oh Little Man, I can't believe that four years ago today, TODAY, we welcomed you into the world! We had prayed and prayed for you for a loooong time! You are a good and precious gift from the Lord, and a sweet confirmation to us of His sovereignty. 

These days you aren't too keen on having your picture taken.

I don't have brothers, so having you has been nothing short of incredible. You keep me laughing and constantly amaze me. You are my crash course in the wonderful world of boys!

As your birthday approached, I asked what you wanted to take to school to celebrate.

Without hesitation, you answered, "Robot cookies dat will scare de girls!!!"

So I googled "robot cookies" and was inspired by photos here, and here.

I made a quick trip to Michaels for rolled fondant. ('Cause I knew icing them like those pictures would make me a crazy woman! I temporarily thought about trying to make rolled fondant to save a little $, but quickly decided it wasn't worth the price of my time and sanity plus supplies.)

And for the FIRST TIME in my life, I made sugar cookies from scratch and didn't want to have a screaming fit in the process. (I'm not a cookie baker - my mother was and is. She has the patience of Job in that area. I do not.) I used this recipe and whipped it together early in the morning so there was plenty of time for the dough to chill. 

I split up the rolled fondant and worked food coloring in - it was like playing with play-doh. 

We rolled out the dough and cut it with a round glass, baked 'em, rolled out the fondant, sliced it up, and began piecing those little "robots dat will scare de girls" together...

Little Man was quite pleased with the final product. He and Sister both got major sugar highs in the process. I, however, struggled to remember what is truly important - and that is not having every single cookie come out perfectly. People are more important than perfect cookies. (Sad that I have to remind myself of things like that.)

So my Little Man, you got your cookies and today is filled with the hope of wonderful and big adventures fit only for a big FOUR year old!

Do you know how proud I am of you? Do you know that you make my heart soar?!

You want to be just like your Daddy. That is fine by me. The world needs more men who love Jesus.

You love your both your sisters, too. So much so, at times, what you will do for them (or because they tell you to) scares me! See photo above.

You have a ready smile and a zest for life that cannot be contained.

I love seeing life through your eyes and I wish I smiled and laughed as readily as you do!

I still remember, like it was yesterday, the night before you were born. I sat in that hospital bed, pleading with God to deliver you safely. My heart was scared and I struggled to trust God and rest in His will. We'd lost two babies early on in pregnancy before becoming pregnant with you, and that made it so hard to trust God, to hold you with an open hand, because I was so scared and I wanted you so bad. And when your cries pierced that hospital room and your daddy announced, "it's a boy!!!" with a HUGE grin on his face, I was giddy and crying and thrilled and relieved. You are a precious gift from God. A good and perfect gift from God. We are so thankful for you!!!

You are industrious, at this age, often to a fault. (wink)

You are the only boy I know to pierce grapes on your Capri Sun straw. (All I could think was, "shaken or stirred?")

You are the only boy I know to think of drinking your Capri Sun through a Veggie Straw. Rock on, Little Man!

I love that you clear your dishes after meals, even though it sometimes scares me and usually scares our guests.

I love that you tend to show up to meals in rather colorful costume.

And I love that you are always an adventure. 

Little Man, the Lord has richly blessed our family through you. I cannot fathom life without you. You are rough and tough and at just the right time, love and cuddles. I am so thankful for you!

As we plead daily with God for wisdom as we raise you, He encourages my heart through you. Recently you'd had a rough day. You sat in my lap and we talked about this terrible sin problem you have - that we all have. I asked you what you were going to do about it? You started telling me how Jesus could take away your sin. I pressed you, wanting to know more. A few seconds later, you burst into tears and said, "Mama, it's cause de catechism says so!"

Here's to four, and many, many, many more!

Happy Birthday, Little Man! We love you!!!


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Little Man! I love hearing about your adventures, especially because I think your cousins are just a few steps behind you! You are FOUR!!! Wow! Have a great day!!!

  2. What a sweet, sweet post for such a sweet little man! He is so lucky to have a mommmy like you. Happy Birthday T!

  3. Happy Birthday T3! Boys are wonderfully different, that is for sure! I really, really love the robot cookies! We may have to try making some of those:). Such a sweet post and a precious boy!

  4. :)

    Great words and great photos. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  5. He is too precious! All boy! And...I *love* those robot cookies...too fun!! Happiest of Birthdays to your little man...before you know it he will want the car keys! LOL! (Our first boy is entering that world in six days...eeeekkk!!!)

    Much Love,

  6. Happy Birthday, T-Man! We miss you!!
    Love, Camille, J and N

  7. Happy Birthday to your Little Man... his antics always make me smile, really big!

  8. Those robot cookies are so cute!

  9. Oh the photos in this one!
    Love the mud and climbing the chain and the costumes and the straw fun...
    I have two sisters and then three daughters so my boy is also my peek into the life of boys.

    Happy Birthday big four year old boy!

  10. Happy Birthday to your dear little man!!!

    Cute cute cute cookies!!!

  11. Happy Birthday little man!! Wow 4 years!
    Love the cookies! Google marshmallow fondant...super easy to make!