Friday, March 25, 2011

The BIG 3-0!

Somebody, specifically, the love of my life, my better half, the string to my balloon, the breather of life to my crazy ideas, the listener to all my dreams, and the dreamer who dreams them with me, the most amazing man I have ever met in my whole life, who keeps pointing me to Jesus, and who keeps forgiving me, who I have more respect for than any other man on the face of this earth, is 30 today. 

When he kissed me goodbye this morning, I said, "You are thirty! You are thirty! We are getting old." And he smiled back at me and said, "We are getting old together." 

Yes, we are getting old together, and it is wonderful.

The birthday boy had a practice softball game last night. The children and I decided we wanted to surprise him with cupcakes at the game.

My little Betty Crocker whipped up approximately 50 cupcakes yesterday. We topped them with chocolate icing and big white sprinkles, arranged them on a giant tray, and loaded them and our largest cooler (filled with roughly 75 bottles of water) into the back of my car. We quickly cleaned up all evidence and while waiting for The Engineer's arrival, crossed our hearts and promised not to breath a WORD of the surprise to him.

Of course, Little Man could NOT contain himself. Though he didn't give away what the surprise was, he made it clear there was a surprise...involving candy. So I whipped out a hidden bag of twizzlers and acted like it was the great surprise, which brought on tears and adamant insistence from Little Man that "dat is NOT de supwise!" 

However, we did manage to surprise The Engineer. He didn't know what the surprise was until we arrived at the ball field. Success.

It was great fun. Sister passed out cupcakes and napkins and water to everyone who would accept, including a few strangers.

Meanwhile, the men played ball and the children ran around having splendid adventures of the most unique type. Little Man had terrific plans to wear his vest, and only his vest. However, when I saw the vest hit a bit high and revealed belly button and a whole lotta skin, much to his chagrin, I insisted he wear the shirt, too.

The toddlers enjoyed the cupcakes, perhaps, more than any other age group.

I couldn't get Little Bit to look up. She was far to preoccupied with picking up and eating every crumb off the ground.

Post cupcakes, she found a marvelous stash of sunflower shells beneath the bleachers. And put some in her mouth. 

When the game was over, the men gathered round and sang Happy Birthday to The Engineer. He was embarrassed and I think very thankful. Birthdays make me cry. The goodness of God in keeping us, protecting us, preserving us, and giving us this wonderful gift of life. A gift I so often take for granted. 

Dear Engineer, I love you with all my heart! You are a good man. I have never had such profound respect for any other man in all my life. I thank God for you and the wisdom He has given you. I pray He gives us many, many, many more years together. 

Psalm 34:3 "Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt His name together."

And now, birthday wishes from the chidlren:

From Sister: I hope you have a good day at work. I love you. I hope you get home faster than my bike. Happy Birthday, birthday boy! Bye!

From Little Man: Dad, can I please ride my bike when you get back home and I hope you have a good time while you're at work. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for my new bike. And thank you that Dad got to go to the softball game and thank you that my friend didn't have his cleats on 'cause I didn't have my cleats on and I wore my crocs, actually my flip flops. And thank you that Dad gave me that bike. Thank you that Mommy is still here and that everyday she is with me and Sister except when she goes to a baby shower. And I am eating a cup cake. Dear God, I hope my Dad doesn't get killed while he's at work from a shark or shark tooth. Or up in heaven yet. Amen. And thank you because he has teeth on his head. haaa haa haaaa! (big smile) (FYI, the bike was a Christmas gift from the grands and the great-grands...not mama and daddy.)

From Little Bit: Daaaaaa daaaaa!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much!! Last night they all said I was getting old (can you believe that?!). But how can I be old when I feel so alive and young every moment I'm with you?

    The cupcakes were a great surprise, even though a certain little man is a horrible secret keeper! I think it is precious that he was so excited though.

    I love you Jenn, you are wonderful. I love you kiddos too.

    All you bloggers out there, don't forget that Sunday is Jenn's birthday. She knows how much I appreciate her. And I know that she has encouraged many of you through this blog. As a birthday present to Jenn please let her know the ways that she has blessed your lives.

  2. What a sweet post (and sweet response from your hubby!) He and I share a birthday...except I've got about 6 years on him:) And a very Happy Birthday to you too! Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend celebrating together! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Hope it's a great day for you!

  4. Happy birthday T!!!!! Yall are awesome! Happy early Birthday Jenn! Love and miss yall!

  5. "except when she goes to a baby shower"-hahahaha!

    Happy birthday, T!

  6. I'm squealing on a little surprise.....I saw in the church newsletter (that we still get) that Sunday is your birthday......and so hopefully tomorrow you'll get a card from me. And I love that your love's birthday is just days before yours, how very, very cool.
    I hope you both have a great birthday weekend! And I love little man's prayer....hilarious about the shark teeth. He is going to be a gladiator or marine biologist or mud truck driver, something not of the ordinary.....i'd bed money on that. :)

  7. Happy birthday to BOTH of you! Jenn, you certainly inspire me in MANY ways. I love your transparency on this blog and feel like we have been friends forever! I love that you guys are seeking God's will in everything. I love hearing about homeschooling. And crafts. And messes. And photography (oh, I long to take pics as good as yours :-). And cooking. And vacations. I hope you have a VERY special day with your loved ones!

  8. T - sorry your dear wife has to remind me of your birthday! :( I will try to do better. So happy that it's been a happy one! Love you all bunches!


  9. Happy Birthday Engineer, and Happy Early Birthday Jenn! May God bless you with many, many more of them, all shared together.

  10. Happy Birthday!. Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating! And Little Man's message to his dad...hilarious!

  11. I know I don't have to tell you this, but you are one richly blessed wife and mother. What a sweet mercy to be able to celebrate life and love and family while making simple memories that will last a lifetime.

  12. PRECIOUS post! (Don't I ALWAYS say that?) sweet that your Engineer was the first to comment!! Happiest of birthdays to you both!!! And...FYI...30 is NOT old!!!! LOL! :)

    Lots of Love my sweet friend! You do bless me in MANY ways.

    The *Canadian* Camille xo

  13. The love and respect for your man is so evident. He is so blessed to have a wife that "does him good and not harm" (I almost typed that backwards he he).

    Happy Birthday, Engineer! You are an amazingly talented man who loves the Lord and his family. You are a godly example to your son to what a husband should be like.

    Be blessed!

    PS. Jess got Sister's letter. It was so cute. I think you will get a kick out of what she sent back! I love this age!

  14. Happy happy 30th to you too!! You are a precious friend, mother, wife and daughter of a Glorious King! Hope you had a weekend of celebration!

  15. Happy Birthday to both of you!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  16. Grow old along with me
    the best is yet to be;

    the last of life for which
    the first was made.

    -R. Browning

  17. Happy birthday to the engineer and happy early birthday to Jenn! I love the letters from the kids!

  18. a big (late) happy b-day to the engineer and I just love how your little guy tried to tell his daddy there was a surprise! lol. LOVE it!

  19. Happy Birthday, YOUNG Engineer!
    LOVE the pic of Little Bit eating her cupcake and the words from your son... oh my goodness! How precious!

  20. Jennifer (Hart) WendorfMarch 29, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    Happy Birthday to both of you!!! I do believe I can say we share one of the best birthday weeks ever (along with Lauren and I think a few others from childhood)! I always remember it was fun to have so many March birthdays so close together during school. I'm not great about commenting on here, but you are certainly a blessing to many, including me! It is so encouraging and refreshing to read your raw, honest thoughts about what God is doing in your life and in your family. May He continue to do a great work in and through you and bless you beyond imagination.

  21. Thirty year old husbands ROCK! Sweet cupcake surprise and even sweeter note from him at the top of the comments!

    Happy Birthday to you too...was it Sunday the 27th? If so, mine was too!!!

    Love getting to know you through the blogosphere. Your sweet little fam is a breath of fresh air!