Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little of This, Little of That

Little Man had his Thanksgiving Feast! Sister got to come along, but only after promising Little Man's teacher that she would NOT disrupt the program. She was perfectly obedient and precious and Little Man rocked the program. Teacher says he's much more animated sans the audience. I smile and thought, "you have no idea."

We ordered FPU, Jr. for Sister a few years ago. She lost her "give" envelope and Little Man wanted a set. I'd seen these in fabric and thought they'd be perfect, except for the time factor (and time is quite valuable these days!) and quite frankly, I don't think my kiddos really care if their envelopes are fabric or not. (One day I'm making myself a fabric set!)

So I made some out of my ancient paper stash. I taped 'em up with packing tape and affixed a little velcro tab for security.

And labeled 'em...

And stuck 'em in some little pockets and tacked 'em on the bulletin board. Done. Sweet. And Sister and Little Man are even more motivated! Funny how a little something new can have that effect.

And life these's just crazy. If there's a horizontal surface, IT WILL GET COVERED with project materials.

Or books...or levels...or...


Yep, the whole house is feeling it.

And Monday - maybe? I got up at 6:30 and opted for a little quiet reading time instead of immediately was really humbling when our Assistant Pastor stopped by to drop something off - around lunch time - and I had to poke my head around the front door and say, "um, this is incredibly humbling. I'm still in my pajamas and robe. We've already finished homeschool and I've been cleaning house, etc. I just haven't stopped to get dressed."

The worst part? I never stopped to get dressed. Even ate supper in my pajamas. Gross. I mean, really, that is gross. I haven't done that since I had a real reason to - like the first few days home after a baby was born.

Saturday we were up and out early - and I just happened to be messing with my camera and looked up in time to capture this. Thank goodness The Engineer stepped in just as I clicked. (Little Man has gardening clippers in hand.)

And the dirty dishes...this was after considerable washing. Life. The beautiful messes...

One night last week The Engineer and I were so exhausted that immediately following dinner, we put the children to bed...and shortly thereafter went to bed ourselves. And do you know what we didn't do? Clear the table. We have NEVER gone to bed with dirty dishes sitting on the table like that. That is so gross, and I never thought I'd say this, but sometimes, necessary.

That same morning I walked past this bathroom and, well, check out what I found. I guess someone had a potty snack? I let the kids finish that box.

And the library. On it's way.

Last night I had a little melt down. And now, the house is back in shape. The renovation mess is limited to the breakfast room and the library itself. All the dishes are done. The counters are cleared and cleaned. And all the laundry is done. I even ironed for a few hours last night. (Still have an impressive pile...)

We plan to shelve the books this weekend!!! WOOOooo hooo! We'll trim the shelves and coffered ceiling in, after December 3rd.

And, completely random, I am so in love with The Engineer. We just finished a five week marriage class on communication....and we ended the last session in a fight. A huge fight that lasted until 12:30 am. He told me I was too tired to fight. I ignored him and pressed on...and we argued. And the next morning, when I apologized, he was incredibly gracious. He pointed me to the cross, to Jesus, and he fleshed out Christ's forgiveness to me. 

Heather posted this song on her blog a few months ago. It's become one of our favorites...only we were both 20...and it's been almost nine years. Marriage is hard. That's what the promise is for. Y'all, fight for it! 

Now, listen (please) to this song and then go kiss your man and tell him you love him!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!


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  2. Okay, I love that you took the photo instead of stopping the amputation. And I love the look on Little Man's face.

  3. I heard that song the other day and smiled thinking of all the "minefields" we have gone through already with NO CLUE what we were doing! Great song!

  4. just love everything about this post! great pic of you and the children!

  5. How hard it is sometimes Jenn! But, you will get through it! Doesn't it feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. when you get some areas cleaned up and orderly and contain the mess of a reno to a room or two?? You are doing a FABULOUS job!! It is all coming together beautifully. Hang in there!! LOL...the dishes stayed on the table at our house last night too...I was feeling yucky and didn't even want the kids doing it. wonderful to be able to go there early sometimes. And then, the dishwasher was loaded this morning and it got everything CLEAN!!! Yippee!! I am just lovin' this dishwasher thing. ;-)

    Have a wonderful week and don't overdo it!!!


  6. The paper envelopes are GREAT! And SO much better on the time factor. Good idea.

    I totally know how you feel with all the renovation mess. I had many a 'breakdown' when we were adding on/ renovating our sun room. But oh how wonderful when the project was finished. I can't wait to see your library when its done!

    About the not getting dressed thing. Its amazing how someone ALWAYS drops by on those days. Humbling is the perfect word to describe how that feels.

    I can't wait to come back and listen to the song (when my husband is not dozing off to sleep beside me).

    Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  7. You are so precious in the midst of life's challenges.

    I'm so glad you are your hubby are loving each other and what a wonderful picture of forgiveness and grace.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Can I just say that I love your honesty? And the pics...reminds us all that we are in the midst of this crazy stage of life called parenthood...aka CHAOS!

    Loved that song. Adam and I found it recently when we were enduring a really hard really ministered to us and I"m glad you found it!

    And finally, got your email on the PJs...and you are RIGHT!!! He had already found them (I think at Target) and put them on his list...I told him that wasn't what I would call "sexy" :-)

    Have a blessed holiday!

  9. Love the song, love your beautiful messes, love y'all! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Sometimes pajama days are just necessary. Love the song! Thanks for sharing. You are so right...marriage IS hard. But so worth fighting for. Can't wait to hear about the party. I know it will be wonderful!

  11. Oh - you brave girl! Personally, I'd say that the pjs were justified. You certainly have your hands full! Good luck with the dinner.....I balk at feeding a dozen, let alone 100! You are one amazing woman, Jenn!

  12. This is such a great post... and I looove pyjama days :) Oh, the messes! Oh the grace :)
    Thanks for your honest sharing.

  13. Ahh, Life ... beautiful, messy life.

    I love how you captured it from so many angles, literally and metaphorically. I can so relate, my friend. I'm right there with you. From the insistent, tired fights to the cheez-its in the bathroom.

    Hugs to you today, dear!

  14. We use FPU at our church. It has helped a lot of families.

    Linked here from Camille's, so thought I'd leave a comment. Nice blog.

    If you get a chance, please visit Family Fountain.


  15. Love that first pic of you and your kiddos! You are SO beautiful, Jenn! Your eyes are just shining in that pic...and it's nice to see a pic of YOU for once. :) haha!

  16. By the way, (I'm very late in commenting on this) been wanting to let you know that I'm so glad that homemade card was received on a day you needed it! ;) It's so cool how God does things like that! HE is SO good. Blessings this day to you!

  17. Thanks for sharing! I like the song!!! Love my husband!