Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Her costume switched back and forth...the first half of the weekend she was "Dumpling Kitty" - a kitty cat, affectionately named "Dumpling Kitty" by her adoring sister and brother...

The latter half of the weekend, the children decided she really should be "Boo"...from Monsters Inc.

Sister dressed as a "Kitty Fairy" and kept the same costume all weekend, though she frequently changed out the bottom half...black pants, an orange skirt, a fluffy white slip, etc. and all in the name of modesty.

Little Man began as Spider Man, then chunked the suit for Super Man, but WITH the Spider Man mask...which he then refused to wear even though he's been wearing it for nearly two weeks straight. Whatever. 

The engineer was not in costume. He always looks that classy.

This was the "funny joke" booth...clearly, Little Man totally got the joke.

Football Toss...


Ahhhh....SO much fun the two youngest cried All. The. Way. Home. 


  1. So cute! I love the combination of super heroes for Little Man, and Sister is as sweetly elegant as a fairy should be! They are so precious--all three of them.

    By the way, Hannah got the idea about saving up for an American Girl from your daughter! I read her the post about your trip to the AG store, and from then on she has been saving up. She has a chart that we color in squares for each dollar she earns and saves--it will take a while, but she felt she could do it because of Sister! So tell Sister, "Thank you" from Hannah for sharing about her life and encouraging her to do bigger things than she thought she could do! :)

  2. So cute! Love their costumes! Max also had so much fun he was actually asking to go home by the end of the night:)

  3. GORGEOUS photos my friend! And *love* the family shot at the bottom of the post...just wonderful! :)


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  5. Little Bit is the perfect Boo. Love it! And a Fairy Kitty and a Super Spider Man, how original.

    We've had some tears too. In fact, middle child has been a puddle since he got home from preschool an hour ago. I just insisted on a nap.

  6. Stacie said,

    The bottom photo was very sweet! I had a few tears Sunday night, too.

    You should have seen the fit Andrew (five year old) threw when I told him he had to take his camo make up off after the second day! Ugh... I don't know if I will do that again.

    I showed Jess pictures of Sister and she was super excited to write to her!

  7. "Dumpling Kitty" - love it. Kids come up with the most hilarious stuff.

    Sometimes over recreating leaves the best of us in tears.

    The first picture of Little Bit is beautiful!

  8. What a sweet family God has given you!

    Love your blog!!