Monday, October 25, 2010


I mean really, how hilarious is that picture? Little Man in that costume! He had the leotard on over the pants. (I'm just glad he didn't wear the tutu ensemble that went with the penguin hat.) He insisted he was a penguin! I'm not sure what my sister smelled...couldn't have been good.

Of course, the clown getup was pretty good, too. Mama saved EVERY costume we EVER wore. Three girls, a combined total of around 40 years of ballet, plus school project costumes, etc., etc,. etc. - she's got it all. 

My sister, who is much wittier than I, had us rolling as she listed off the possibilities when you open the dress-up armoire! Need an Annie costume? Mom's got it. Martha Washington? Yep, got that one. A nurse or Indian costume? Got those, too. A wedding dress? Or princess dress? Or pumpkin? Yes, she does have the hat and orange tights to match. She's got it all! We never know "who" will appear next!

Every October we (my sisters, our bebes, and sometimes our husbands) gather to celebrate Mama's birthday with her! 

But this year, it was a little different. And I don't have a single photo of Mom (nor of my baby sister...). She was down and out. Sick with what she learned Saturday morning is a sinus infection. She felt so bad. Not like dressing up and going out to dinner. 

So we got take-out and served her birthday dinner in bed...and we each took a corner of the bed, with plates in hand, and had a great dinner. 

After dinner we put every candle we could find in that cake and paraded down the hall to Mom's room...

where she sat up in bed and begged me NOT to take a picture...

and we sang Happy Birthday to her!

And it was crazy! (Check out Little One's abstract in the background!)

And we sang and smiled!

And since she was sick, guess who blew out the candles?

 Happy, Happy Birthday Mama! You are precious to us and we love you so very much! The older I get, the more I appreciate all the ways you have given your life away for me. Thank you!!! I love you! May this year bring precious blessings and an even sweeter nearness to your heavenly Father. Mama, you are LOVED!


  1. What a PRECIOUS post Jenn! What a blessing you are to your Mom!!!! sweet you all were to her for her special day. Happy Birthday to your dear Mom...all the way from Canada. :)

    With Love,

  2. Feeling sad because we were in your town over the weekend at church and missed seeing y'all! Although JB told someone else "we read your blog!" and it wasn't you, but he meant you! :) Hope to catch you next time.

  3. How fun!!! Your mom is so sweet!! I hope she starts to feel better!

  4. Cute! I would have LOVED having access to all those costumes as a kid. I wasn't a dancer, so I always looked forward to Halloween every year, as it was my one real chance to dress up.

    I hope your mother is feeling better soon. That chocolate cake sure does look yummy. My best girlfriend is coming up this weekend for a birthday celebration, and I can't wait to have the excuse to eat chocolatey junk food with her!

  5. okay, what the heck. could that BE a worse first picture? hilariously embarrassing. i'm pretty sure i was smelling the costume. a fine mix of basement and moth ball odor. or else little man pooted. who knows.

  6. Your poor mom! You are so nice to not post a pic of her.

    I would have loved growing up at that house. We dressed up all the time!

    I hope I can be that kind of grandma.