Monday, August 9, 2010

Skates, Something Swiss, & Uncle Julio

While Sister and I were enjoying our time at the American Girl Store, the boys were doing a little exploring of their own. They found an ice skating rink in the middle of a mall!

You should know that Sister has asked for ice skates every Christmas for the last several years, though she'd never been ice skating, nor do we have a place to ice skate within 100 miles.

So we went and the children, Sister especially, were most excited!

Due to my attire, I opted to watch from the sidelines (and hold everything).

The view was priceless.

The children clung to the outer rail or to their daddy's hand. Their slow pace and wobbly feet were almost painful to watch. And The sweet. So patient. So kind. So gentle.

Sister quickly made friends with a little girl who was a bit more sure of herself on the ice. Hand in hand, round and round they went.

After an hour or so, there were tears, a worn out daddy, and two exhausted children.

And then we went to IKEA!!! I'd never been. It was one of the coolest places I've ever been and design/concept wise, it has challenged several things in my mind. Unfortunately (or maybe not) we did it backwards. Little Man was in the stroller, and Sister in a buggy, and we unknowingly started out downstairs, amidst the boxes and bins and throngs of people. As we approached check out, utterly confused and with two sleeping children, an IKEA employee kindly explained that we needed to go back through the throngs of people, to catch the operating elevator, to make our way upstairs through the showroom, and then back downstairs...we greatly complicated things.

IKEA is so cool. So cool. The ideas. The way they feature and sell their products...the entire thing is genius. I would love to be one of the people/decorators who does the layout for their upstairs rooms. SO FUN!

While I ooed and ahhed the Engineer followed closely. (He did some oooing and ahhing, too.) Both children slept soundly, Little Man in the stroller and Sister in the buggy. We gathered ideas and jotted down a few item numbers for possible future purchase. Yea, pretty much I would completely love to set up one of those rooms in IKEA.

Little Man slept all the way back to the hotel, where we changed clothes, and headed to Uncle Julio's for dinner. Cheese dip and fajitas for all! It had the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to dance and laugh. We had a blast! Hands down, this is now my favorite Mexican Restaurant. So good.


  1. I am so with you on Ikea. The one here in Chicago that we went to yesterday is 3 stories and I literally could spend HOURS. We unfortunately had all 3 kids which forced us to get in and out in record time. We spent all our time in the kitchen/bakeware/servingware section and I could buy just about everything in there. If you ever want to go to the one in Atl let's go together... and lets rent a 15 passenger van to take with us! :) So fun hearing about your adventure and I'm so very proud of MW... what an angel and how wonderful of you and T to instill such sound Biblical principals in her at a young age! I can't wait to hear of your homeschooling adventures this year!!

  2. I'm lovin' these posts on your recent trip to Texas J!! How sweet is all that?? The photos you captured of your children (and hubby) on the ice ARE priceless!! *Love* how they wear SHORTS to go ice skating down there...LOL!! Oh yes...IKEA...we have been and bought...and I *know* what you are talking about! :)

    With Love,

  3. We love Ikea!!! We just got Ella's bedroom furniture from there. Were you in Atlanta? Next time, let me know and maybe we can meet!!!

  4. Glad you are having a great time in Texas! I loved the story and pictures with MW and her new doll! It must be such fun to have a girl:) Of course boys are fun too, just in a different way! Kind of like the way hurricanes are fun! HAHA

  5. Sounds like you are having so much fun! I've never been to an American Girl Store or an IKEA.

  6. The picture of sister holding on to dad for dear life and brother in the background holding on to the rail for dear life ... I had to laugh out loud!

    Love it.

  7. Just hopped back over to tell you my husband's response to this post...he was with me as I read your more recent post (above) and I showed him the skating pics. He got a kick out of the photo with your little girl falling and your little man clinging to the side...really good way to end the work day here...seeing him laugh was good. THANK YOU! And he said the same thing as me..."they skate in SHORTS?" LOL...too fun!