Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Sorta Like Wine

After Little Bit tried to scale the steps...

Or rather, scaled the steps and was safely rescued by a most helpful big sister...

Sister and Little Man grabbed the last of the candy stick stash and hid behind the breakfast room table for a sweet snack.

And their conversation went something like this:

Sister: "You know Little Man, I have watermelon and you have root beer."

Little Man: "What's root beer?"

Sister: "Well, it's sort of like wine."


  1. I think that's a pro of having more than one child...extra eyes! Little Bit is SO BIG!!! I feel like I haven't seen a "full length" shot of her in a while, and she's so grown up. I can't believe how quickly time flies!! Sister and Little Man are hilarious!!

  2. Too funny! Thanks for the Friday laugh :)

  3. that's so funny. My little cousin, at a wedding this past weekend, was walking around with a little glass of a shirley temple.

    I asked her what she was drinking and she responded red wine. She answered this way to everyone who asked.

    Happy Friday!

  4. PRECIOUS! And I see renovations are still underway...