Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We did something I never thought we'd do.

We bought a TV. This is the first time we've bought a TV. We've had an old one in the playroom for the last few years, before it was in the playroom, it was in a closet. Every now and then the kids watch movies on it. We haven't had cable in almost seven years, nor have we had the ability to watch public broadcasting (no bunny ears and we never pursued one of those digital box things). We're still abstaining from cable and public broadcasting. But, the new TV streams Netflix. And we love Netflix.

But now our soon to be library has a TV in it. Out in the open. I don't like it. It feels a bit like an unwelcome guest. And I fear we'll get sucked in...I fear I'll get sucked in...not so much sucked into watching it, as sucked into planting my children's fannies in front of it for hours at a time. Because friend, that is tempting. That is very tempting. And there will be a day when I am held accountable. I pray I am found faithful.


  1. Might we all be found faithful in whatever we do...as we look to HIM each step of the way! :)

    With Love,

  2. I use my tv/vcr/dvd player for educational purposes and some entertianment. We are very limited and I love that. Netflix has some awesome documentaries and good reviews you can trust.

  3. Our family will limit TV time to certain shows and/or certain time limit for each person per week/per day. A SYSTEM that limits the viewing time somehow, NO MATTER WHAT is good for kids and adults alike. ;) I know exactly what you mean about it being in the library as an intruder. I know EXACTLY what you mean...