Friday, May 28, 2010

Lots of Love

LOVE this ad. Know why?

See it now? Wedding rings.

Dear Coffee-mate,

I like my coffee with a little milk...nothing sweet. However, from here on out, if the need arises, I choose you. I choose you because you chose to portray a married couple enjoying coffee in bed. Catch that? A married couple! In this "modern" world, you bucked the current advertising trend. You chose a heterosexual. Married. Couple. Coffee-mate, you are cool and the concept of enjoying coffee in bed with your SPOUSE...that's hot. Thanks.

I love this picture, too.

And this one.

Look what I found? In a few short days she's gone from army man crawling to sitting up by herself, to pulling up...time to lower the mattress. She's a wild one.

Sister had a friend over. They ate popsicles and rocked out in the kitchen. Fun times.

And Little Man...he's just plain ol' insane. I love him. Could eat him up. He's crazy. He carries a sword or gun most of the time..."in case de bad gwuys come." I always feel safe.

I've been working on a little project.

I don't have the before...suffice it to say, this baby was old, tired, and worn out. She was covered in denim and had suffered the abuse of fifteen years with a family of three kids. She looked forlorn. Hopeless.

But I had a little fabric from a yard sale...and an idea I couldn't get out of my head.

While my man watched a movie I went to work. In a few short hours she had a brand new look.

I wrapped her with the fabric, like I was wrapping a gift. I pinned here and tucked there. Found some old cording, and used an old piece of cardboard to make the folds for the skirt...and did more pinning. I've washed and dried her several times. She doesn't disappoint. I put her back on when she's still a tiny bit damp, flick down her boxpleat, and she's good as new, not perfect, but wonderful, never-the-less.

The best part is finding my man with a magazine and cup of coffee in hand, with his feet up, not to mention the times I find his head back and eyes closed. Sweet.

A few days ago he told me, "I love sitting in that wingback chair with my feet up on that ottoman."

Well worth the effort.


  1. Your slipcover is GREAT! Funny, I have been eyeing slipcovers lately. I have a few parsons' chairs that I want to sew them for. I have a pattern, too. But, I'm loving your box pleats. May have to change my idea to incorporate those, too!!! Thanks for sharing!

    PS. What type of fabric did you go w/? Looks like a cotton duck or linen or something.

  2. Love the advertisement! Don't you just feel sick every day when you hear of another Hollywood person who is pregnant, yet not married. Oh, but they always throw in that "engaged" thing...well, that's not married.
    It's not the sin that bothers me. We are all sinful. It's how the world GLORIFIES the sin that makes me crazy.
    I'm going to stick with my coffee mate too!

  3. And again you are a breathe of fresh air and I enjoyed my visit with you! How precious you are J! I love how you share your life with is a treasure! ENJOY these summer days and have FUN!!

    You did a great job on that slip is homey and welcoming. Well done! :)


  4. My heart just melted a bit.

  5. You should send Coffee-Mate a link to this post. They should know that people care.

  6. That picture of Little Bit-heart melter! She has so much hair! And the bow is absolutely adorable!!!

  7. I think I have crib-envy! Seriously. Every baby girl nursery should have a baby bed like that.

    I haven't seen the ad, but I join you in applauding it.

    Great work on the ottoman! You've ventured where I have not with upholstering.

    As a homemaker, I agree, the biggest blessing is when our men express delight and appreciation!

  8. Nice job on the ottaman! Looks super! Great idea with bananas, I am going to try tonight and grapes too. Clever!

  9. J you are so talented!

    I will have to try the banana thing with JM...actually I might try a veggie, maybe he'll start eating them :)

  10. Hello MC! When did she get so big!!?? I love her sweet pictures!!

    The ottoman is awesome! Did you sew it? I need some details (when you have time) :)

  11. Very cool!

    Your children are so precious, I just want to kiss their sweet faces, especially your little one!