Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Fun...

Know what? Life is crazy fun right now. Like, I'm eating it up!

I'd been down recently. Tired, overwhelmed...and the symptoms of renovations were spread all over our home. I tackled that. Now those symptoms are gone in several rooms - the dining room, living room, kitchen, nursery, and guest room are renovation clutter free (except a few extra pieces of furniture here or there - but the piles - they're gone from these rooms). I NEVER guessed how emotionally draining chaos and disorder can be. Clearing off those surfaces and returning to some semblance of order has been therapeutic for me. I feel like a new woman. I walk in those rooms and smile. It's good.

Meet Emily and Emily. They are twins, in case you didn't notice. Scary, huh? Even matching "pink tails."

You'll never guess who's the "boss of them?"

Uh huh.

Little Man and Little Bit share a love for transformers and all things robot. He likes to play bad guys with them. She likes to eat them.

Now sister, on the other hand, likes to cook and host tea parties.

That red box is full of salad (monkey grass). The white container was a casserole, but we ate it.

Call me confidence. If I put my hands around their ankles, they can do the monkey bars. As in, just having my hands there gives them the confidence to cross...they could totally do it on their own...which scares me because Little Man is so little. Those bars are so high.

Sister's been picking and arranging camellias every chance she gets.

I've been visited and protected by some "Supers." All I can say is how thankful I was to learn their head gear came directly from the dresser!

You do know he's crazy? That would be sister's skirt atop her tutu. He did that all by himself. (Not to worry, he is ALL boy...came down "shootin' dem bad guys." When I suggested he dress as a cowboy or Indian or army man, he replied, "but mom, dis IS scawy."

Yesterday my back was to the Little Man for a few seconds. In those few seconds, he managed to unroll most of a new roll of paper towels, making a "runner" from the kitchen, through the breakfast room and hallway, into the bathroom. You need to know that back in our "livin' on beans and rice to pay off debt days," I stopped buying paper towels and paper napkins and started using rags and cloth napkins to save $. During those two frugal years, I realized we didn't really need paper towels or paper napkins. We did just fine without. So I don't buy either anymore. However, T's grandmother sometimes sends paper towels our way...and some family has been known to show up with their own paper goods :)...so paper towels are truly a luxury around here. I suppose this "runner" will go towards floor cleaning.

Sister is sick today. I kept her home. She slept until 9:15. That's almost unheard of. Seems all three are getting colds. They're all in pajamas, tucked beneath blankets. We're watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of books...and having a few tea parties (in homemade tents) on the side.

Hope your day is great!


  1. Jenn, love your blog and oh the honesty! So refreshing! Your kiddos are precious, and they are blessed with a wonderful mama. Thanks for sharing.

    Lauren Winter

  2. hey sis. love a peak in your life. care for a visit from me and little one next week?? love you

  3. I love the pictures! I definitely see some that you will have to pull out one day to show their future spouses! How cute!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy visiting you J ~ I feel as though we are old friends! :)

    I LOVE your front door and the way you capture the moment with your children with the camera. You are one of my photography inspirational people ~ really, you are. :)

    OH...YES...how STRESSFUL all that RENO CLUTTER can be!! How wonderful it feels to be "pile free" in a few rooms where you can escape to in order to feel normal hey? :) Hang in there...your home looks lovely!!

    Have a fabulous week my friend!


  5. I'm so glad that play and joy are coming back to this little house. And I know that good feeling of being "uncluttered" and it is SO nice! Your little man is too funny for words and Sister is a regular little Miss, with her dirt casseroles and monkey grass salads. I'm ready to come over for dinner! Your little girl looked so beautiful in that pic where the sun was shining across making the pic a gold and rose color! Oh, isn't photography grand!? I miss you, dear friend! Have a wonderful day!

  6. What fun! Can't wait to join in for a couple days in May!

  7. I loved all of your crazy fun, colorful photos! That little guy of yours absolutely cracks me up... what a personality!

    It is amazing what clearing the dust and setting things to rights can do to the psyche isn't it? It's like an energizing breath of fresh air in spring. I'm so happy that you're feeling refreshed.

    Now little ones, get well quickly!

  8. Oh, sigh. This is too fantastic for words. Don't you wish we all lived next door to one another?