Tuesday, October 6, 2009


(pic from 3 months ago)

Last weekend I pulled a late night...blog surfing while the husband got his fill of Myth Busters. I stumbled upon a blog called She Looketh Well. As I read, I sensed the Holy Spirit whispering to my heart and encouraging me. You see, there has been a great debate, or, is that even the right word(?), raging in my heart.

This past summer I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart in the direction of homeschooling MW for first grade. I bucked the notion. "Me, homeschool???"

Years ago I told T in no uncertain terms that I would NOT homeschool our children. God would have to write it out in black and white and plaster neon signs all over the place for me to believe He was leading me down that path. T was fine with that.

So...after a few months of gentle prodding from the Spirit, I finally mentioned it to T. He was a bit caught off guard, but agreed to pray about it and submit, in obedience, to whatever God was calling us to do.

So we began praying.

And then so many things happened that have further drawn our hearts in that direction. I'm in a Bible Study with several other women from my community. Almost every one of them with school aged children homeschools. Lesson after lesson, scripture after scripture, have spoken to my heart on this issue.

God called Noah to build an ark. A HUGE, monumental task, and God gave Noah EVERYTHING he needed to complete the task. God commanded Noah to take with him two of every living animal and seven pairs of every clean animal. Did Noah have to go out and hunt 'em down? No.

God brought the animals to Noah. God commanded the animals and they went. Don't you know Noah was relieved when those animals showed up???

And so it is with our little family. We feel God is calling us to a monumental task...homeschooling our oldest for first grade. We are still exploring other options, but right now, the homeschool issue is heavy on our hearts. We are overwhelmed (at least I am) at how to juggle such a tremendous responsibility with the other responsibilities God has given us. But, we are at peace and encouraged by the knowledge that God is faithful. There is great blessing in obedience. And we know, that if this is indeed what He is calling us to, He will provide and meet our every need, just as He provided for Noah.

Today, Michelle, who blogs at She Looketh Well, and is a mother to "nine here on earth, and five in heaven," and also homeschools, asked her readers to post a little bit about themselves...who they are, the purpose of their blog, and what they like to write about, and to link back up on her blog in an effort to meet other like-minded women. So, here goes...

I am a sinner, saved by grace through faith. I am a wife, and a mother, a daughter, and a sister. I began blogging to keep friends and family updated. However, it's become a form of therapy for me. I also love to dabble in photography and blogging has given me an outlet in that area as well.

As I've struggled on a daily basis with the calling of wife and mother, a hope has grown in my heart that my children might look back on this and see us fleshing out the struggles, the triumphs, the joys, etc. of life. I want them to be encouraged and pointed to the cross by what I've shared here. I want my children to know that God's plans are not ours and the craziness, the unpredictableness of life, is normal and keeps us on our knees. At the risk of sounding cliche, I want to be transparent. I pray God is glorified in and through our family, our life. Life is crazy. And I love it. And sometimes I want to pull my hair out (or even run away), but, I do love it.


  1. I am friends with your sister Katie and keep up with your blog through hers. I just want you to know how refreshing it is to read your blog as a fellow believer. Your transparency involving the gospel and daily struggles is such a source of encouragement for me. It is so easy for me to want to "cover up" my sin and struggles...but it is this transparency and brokeness that is so beautiful! HE is being glorified in all of our mess! How fabulous! Thank you for allowing me to read on and struggle on with you. Mostly, thank you for your transparency.
    JP O'Dell

  2. J- Wow! You are amazing and I am in awe of your selflessness. You are a true woman of God who spurs me on to look at Him more often than I do. And homeschooling... I hear ya sister- said never and now maybe! What a change the Holy Spirit can do! Keep me posted!

  3. I read Katie's blog and found yours-I love both of your blogs. Your openness (sp?) about your daily struggles is so refreshing and helpful to me. You are an inspiration, and a great mom! Keep up the good work, and do what is best for your family. It will be hard no matter what, and how incredible would it be to see the kids learning things, and knowing you were responsible for teaching them? Awesome-I am a teacher, so if you decide to do this and need ANYTHING, let me know. I know homeschooling has it's own things, but still...;D

  4. Hi!!! Thanks for linking up! Hopefully as the week goes on more will link and you can meet many women. Your heart is such a blessing and what a beautiful family God has blessed you with.

    My heart goes pitter-patter over that hospital picture! I do so long to have another baby, we are praying that my body would heal and the Lord would allow us to have another blessing. Actually, we are praying for twin girls, shhhh, don't tell anyone ;-)

  5. I too said I would NEVER homeschool...surprise, surprise...guess what God called us to do?? It has been a pleasure to visit here...your blog is lovely. May the Lord bless you in this day!
    In Him,

  6. I will be praying for you. I, too said I would never homeschool (no plans for now) but being in God's will is so much more important than something we think we can't or won't do. God will bless your obedience! Leslie

  7. Less than a year ago I was just like you... homeschooling wasn't for me. at all. period. the end.

    Enter God.

    Earlier this year He very clearly and very purposefully led us down a path with our then first-grader-to-be in which we were forced to really, truly, seriously consider homeschooling. It was only after we reached a point of willingness to do it if He so led, that God made it clear that, for first grade, at least, our son's place should be in classical Christian school.

    What I've learned is that the "schooling decision" is not one that we'll make once; we'll face it every year. And, God may have a variety of schooling plans for our kids depending on needs. My place is to wait on his leading with a willing and obedient heart for however He directs.

    I look forward to seeing where He leads you in this regard. For now, I completely understand this seeking place in which you and T find yourselves. He will direct your path.

  8. I am stopping by from the blog party. I am also a homeschooling momma to four. Life can be crazy at times and sometimes God seems to call us to the very thing that we never thought we could do. It is in those things that we see our true need for reliance on Him. In our weakness His strength will be seen. Keep on my dear sister!

  9. Hi J!!
    I always wanted to homeschool, DH did not. However, God spoke to his heart through a series of circumstances and we graduate our baby from 'homeschooling' this year. Time has flown!!
    Great to meet you!!

  10. What a precious picture of you and your family. Aww..... I am to old to have a baby, but I am soooo enjoying having my grandbabies in my life. 9 of them.
    I also have 2 daughters still at home and yes we homeschool. I have enjoyed every minute having them to myself all these years. One is 15 and the 18. I missed out on our oldest boys even though they only went to a private school 3 days a week. I can't go back, but I am glad the Lord gave me a second chance with my precious girls. They are my delight.

    Thank you for your beautiful post. Oh to start over and get to live like you......... I miss the younger years...... mmmmm do I sound dissatisfied? I am not.... I just so enjoyed reading your post.

    Blessings to you and those little ones. I will pray for you as you pray on what to do. The Lord loves to here His children come and seek Him. You are so doing the right thing. He will make it clear. Enjoy your little ones. Everyone used to tell me that they will be gone before you know it. It is true. They are for "us" to enjoy!


  11. I've had a similar tug at my heart recently, J. We've still got a few years, but what I always thought was a no-go is quickly becoming more appealing. MW would get so much out of you schooling her!

  12. You are so right, blogging is therapy! Nice to meet you. What a sweet family you have.

    Don't worry about HS. If God wants you to do it, He'll give you the tools and the peace of mind. Your job is to simply open your heart to his will and obey whatever his will may be. Sounds like that is what you are doing.

    God Bless,

  13. I enjoyed reading your post! You are getting on a wild but totally fun ride with home schooling. I go crazy some days nut I am so blesses by what I see in my children and the relationships in my home are very strong.

    Love the hospital picture. Children are such a blessing.
    So nice to meet you this morning.
    Wife to one wonderful man and momma to 9 (6 here and 3 with Jesus)

  14. I'm stopping by from the blog party. Thanks for sharing that family photo of getting acquainted with your sweet little one. Brings back memories!

    I want to encourage you as you begin homeschooling to always remember Who has called you to do it. You will have good days--and bad days! ;) Keep your mind and heart on the Lord and His calling for you and it will help your focus on the tough days! :)

  15. Hi, just stopping by for the blog party. Congratulations on your newest baby. I just love the newborn photo. My baby is 7 months and I already miss that tiny newborn stage. We are homeschooling, too, and I know you can do it because your heart is where God wants it to be.

  16. So nice to "meet" you. I stopped by your blog, because I am also partying with Michelle! Blog parties are a blast, aren't they?!

    I am the mother of six and we homeschool. I have blogged quite a bit about homeschooling. (If you click on the "homeschooling" label, you'll probably get more information than you actually need! LOL) One post, however, that I think you may find interesting is this one:


    It basically explains why WE homeschool, which may not be why others do.

    Blessings to you on your homeschooling journey,

  17. Wow, J! Another great post! I am just now getting internet (because of the typhoons) so it's good to see I didn't miss too many posts! :) I have seen my mom go through 6 kids homeschooling and she rocks it out, even though she feels like she doesn't do a good job. I know you are right where you need to be--waiting on God's leading and seeking His will for this situation. From a "kid's" point of view, I loved doing homeschooling and still experiencing a "real" school occasionally. My mom handles being a mom, a missionary's wife, and a teacher, so I KNOW that you can do it if that is where the Lord leads you to decide. We'll be prayin' about this! Love you, sister!

  18. Isn't it interesting how God just asks us to let go of our own plans so he can reveal His.

    I have been exactly in your shoes, on this count, and am so grateful for His provision as I embarked on a two-year journey I once said "never" to.

    God is always good. It is always good to listen to His call.

  19. Nice to meet you, J! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. It sounds like we have a TON in common! Please come visit me often. I'm going to be following you as well.

    The decision to homeschool was not an easy one. I, too told God, No way! But in the end, I couldn't resist his call to obey him in this area. It hasn't always been easy. We have had learning challenges galore, but God is faithful and He does provide exactly what we need, WHEN we need it!

    You have a beautiful blog. I look forward to visiting often and getting to know your family!


  20. J,
    My husband and I laugh now about all the things we said we would never do...do you know God has called us to do everyone of them!! And homeschooling is included in that list! So, we have learned, never say never...God may and often does have different plans. But, I can say I do not regret in the least homeschooling. There are days of frustration and times when I feel like a failure in this area, but God is so faithful...He continues to pick me up and keep me going and showing me the progress my children are making. God bless you and your beautiful family!