Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just got home from Bible Study. My house is a wreck. I got up at 6am and I am still running behind. (Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't be blogging right now.)

Anyway, I thought I'd invite you over! Come see what's really going on in my house!

We'll start with our bedroom. I've been sorting through old correspondence, intending only to keep what T and a few close family/friends have written to me. But I can't. I never realized how precious all those notes and letters would become to me. It's been like traveling back through the last several years. How wonderful and faithful so many have been to pray for me and our family and to encourage me through writing. There are about four women who consistently wrote me and prayed scripture over me, my little family, my sisters and my parents as we went through fire. Nope, I'm not tossing any of it. Anyhow, that's what's going on there.

Unmade bed...yeah, yeah, yeah...

Now come on into my laundry room. See that pile on the floor, on the left side? That's all towels and linens the dog (Warrior) has SATURATED with tee tee.

Ahhh...the den is hanging in there pretty well.

Now come on into my dining room. Oh, yes, this is our dining room. I promise. I told you I've been sewing. I'm still sewing. Er, well, at least trying to sew.

See that big dog bed on the floor, the one without a cover on it? It's Warrior's. He keep tee teeing on it. Yesterday we took him out and when we brought him back in, he went right to his bed and tee tee'd on it. Back in the wash.

And just past the dining room is my office. It's trashed. Those are thank you notes MW and I are still working on from her birthday party. That would be ten weeks ago!

And there's quite a paper pile building on my desk.

Oh, and the breakfast room. Take a peak in there. See the car seat on the floor? That's because I took the old cover off - little man had spilled milk on it. It never quite stretched to fit his seat anyway, so I was going to make one, but haven't had time to yet, so today before we got in the car to head home I asked him if he needed to tee tee. "NO." He was adamant about it. "NO."

He was wrong. He wet the seat. There's my afternoon project.

Those rags on the floor are to clean up the four tee tee accidents Warriors had today. Yes, four. He's been let out seven times since 4am. Whatever. This stage isn't forever. At least I've gotten almost all new kitchen towels out of this. MW kept using them to clean up tee tee, rather than the designated rags.

And now, come on into my kitchen. Mostly just dirty dishes. Doggy tee tee on the floor. I'm gettin' real close with lysol floor cleaner. It kills bacteria! Hooray!

And God is a God of order. And He has created me in His image. As I was reminded this morning in Bible Study, work is a gift. A good gift.

I've got my work cut out for me today. And I pray God will give me a song in my heart as I wash and scrub and fold and put away and sweep and mop and change diapers, etc. Because work is a gift and God is the giver of all things good.



  1. Jennifer, what a beautifully lived-in home, full of character-building, home-making projects! And you have lovely, tasteful surroundings---your children will reap so many benefits from what you teach and create for them. Love, BettieBoyd

  2. I love what BettieBoyd said...a lived in home. Even on a messy day, your hard work shows a cleaner home than most. You are a wonderful wife, mama, lauderess, short order chef, teetee cleaneruper, and seamstress, not to mention sister.

    love you

  3. Wow, Thanks for all you do, babe. You are Superwoman.

    I hope all the blog readers realize now that you really are the Proverbs 31 woman in our house. Of course we don't have servants (unless you count the kids) so you are really doing ALL of the work during the day.

    Love you,

  4. Even though your house, with what you consider a mess, seems spotless compared to mine, thanks for sharing! I feel a little more normal because of it. Being pregnant and weighing more, already, than I ever have before, it is so hard for me to muster energy to do much more than cook supper. You were always able to do so much more when pregnant. I am jealous :) I am nesting every now and then but can't do all that I want. Can't wait to be able to clean like crazy! But can't complain since God is growing a healthy baby in my womb. Anyhow, I think you are a wonderful mother, wife, and housekeeper! Lots of love, Christy

  5. Looks familiar! Some days are just like that!

    Hope the chores went by quickly and joyfully!

  6. Wow, that's really good for a wife, a mom of 3 (youngest a newborn), keeper of 2 dogs, freelance graphic designer, Bible study leader... :) It really just looks lived in, dear. I have seen worse. :) You're amazing to roll up your sleeves and tackle what little messes there are lingering. You truly are amazing! And I thought it was sweet of T to comment. :) Love you!

  7. I thought I was looking at my own house there for a moment...probably even from before ML :) When you look back in 20 years, you're going to appreciate every minute of that mess (even Warrior's little tee-tee accidents)! Praise the Lord for little hands to make little messes!

  8. J, thanks for your honesty. You are so real and I admire that about you. Thanks for showing us "real life."

  9. This is my favorite post so far!! I LOVE IT and am inspired to share the real life of 200 Cove Place with my blog too! I needed this today as it is raning raining and this house is full of to do's!! Miss you and wish we were closer and could tag team our homes! Melanie