Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

It is with great honor that I introduce to you...

the spectacular...

the death defying...


though sometimes cranky...

and perhaps even a little whiny...

one of a kind dare devil...

our very own Evel Knievel!

And his sidekick sista...

the domestic diva...

who always knows best...

and their ever faithful sidekick, Warrior.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Little Man is riding a bike! (with training wheels)

He took a tumble and shed a few tears. I brought him inside and began serving dinner. The tears wouldn't stop. Finally I asked, "your boo boo isn't even that bad. What is wrong?"

His reply: "I just wanna keep widin' my bike."


  1. laughing...laughing...laughing. gosh, i love that little man! (and mw and mc and you and t...) :)

  2. FABULOUS post and pictures! Yaaaay, little man!

  3. too cute! I love how MW is helping him!

  4. He's such a big boy. Also, your pictures are incredible!

  5. Great pictures!

    Wanted you to know we PLAN to be at State's homecoming in Oct, so if y'all happen to be there that day, let me know! Would love to see y'all!

  6. Go T3!!!! Cute little boy times. What a beautiful sidekick.

  7. All that little man needs is another haircut! Your pictures are fantastic.

  8. What precious, precious children!!!! How sweet to see MW helping T!! I can't wait to see y'all Thursday night. ily bobo

  9. I'm delighted to have tumbled into your lovely blog world.

    What a fantastic photo series. Brilliant post.