Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Culmination...

...of a wonderful summer!


On the way home from church today I asked MW what she wanted to do, since today was technically, sort of, her last day of summer. (We have orientation tomorrow and school begins Tuesday.)


"Feed the birds and play in the hose," she said.


And that we did.




T caught us at the tail end of playtime. As you can see, MC was just "chillin.'"

Rewind a bit...Yesterday MW asked me, "Do I really have a puppy, or am I just dreaming?"

Thinking she was playing a game with me, I assured her she was "just dreaming."

She smiled and replied, "Oh good! Now I don't really have to take care of a puppy!"

Later in the day she told me she "wouldn't be sad if Warrior died."

I gasped and asked, "why?"

"Well, then I wouldn't have to take care of him."

I think the honeymoon is over.

Last night I heard giggling. No. Make that roaring laughter and screams.


Guess what I found?

Bro and Sis sharing the pot.

I've been doing a little sewing...


Trimming burp cloths for starters. I did this for the other two and quite frankly, had no intention of making more. I thought I had a decent stash...however, MC has a touch of reflux and so we go through several burp cloths a day, so I tackled a stack of plain diapers and trimmed them up right.

Sticking with the subject of sewing, a few weeks ago I set out to make a soft, sweet gown for MC. After making a lot of mistakes and learning a lot of what to/not to do, and after weeks, now, of slipping gowns either over her head or up her tummy, I got this idea in my head and set to work...




Half way through, I worried the ruffles were too much and I almost took off what I'd put on. But then I decided since it looked good on paper (I sketched it out prior to any cutting or sewing), I'd see it through to completion.

I'm kind of tickled with the outcome. I think I'd make the ruffles smaller if I had it to do over.

PS: I am working on organizing the labels for my posts, working towards some consistency rather than just slathering something down there...I was trying to think of something "clever" to take the place of "daily life" I pulled up google and typed in, "doing something over and over," 'cause, you know, that's my "daily life" - doing the same things over and over. Do you know what came up?



  1. LOVE.THE.GOWN!!!!! Makes me want another girl! You did a fantastic job--so impressed.

    Sorry MW isn't so thrilled about the responsibilities of a new puppy, maybe at least it can be a good teachable moment?

    Av has surgery in the AM and we are taking your care package with us for entertainment!! We let her open it to see what was in it, but told her she had to wait to use any of it until tomorrow.

  2. love the gown. ADORABLE. love you!

  3. I LOVE the gown! I took a sewing class right before ML was born, but I get really stressed when I think about trying to find time to sew...

    On the other hand - maybe if I keep reading your blog, I'll learn a little time management! I'm amazed! I know it's not easy, but 3 kiddos (one infant) AND sewing. If you wrote a book about how to do that...I would read...and take notes :)

    Have a great "offical" last day of no school!

  4. J- You are such a fabulous sewer!! Wish I could do it as well as you or that you could teach me!! It is beautiful and no the ruffles are my favorite part! Hoping that you are wll and that orietation goes well! Thanks for being you! MEl

  5. Love all of it. I am especially eying that cool playground!! The beautiful.

  6. I LOVE the gown. I think the ruffles are perfect!! Too cute, I need to get you to make stuff for my girls(seriously) is you have tons of spare time though!!!

  7. LOVE the gown, LOVE the burp rags, LOVE the story of bro and sis sharing, LOVE your chandelier! What a fun post!

    And a big 'OH, NO!' to MW's loss of interest in dog care! What a thing to learn...we have to keep at it, even when we don't want to!

  8. LOVE the gown...too bad little boys can't wear ruffles or else I'd have James in one!