Thursday, July 30, 2009

When it Rains...

It pours!

We've had a few things on our plate these last few days...

Like...the dryer died.

Wouldn't heat at all.

I shared the exciting news with T and then just looked at him with hopeful eyes. I told him I knew he could fix it. He wasn't so sure. I kept looking at him. I promised I'd help him.

We put the kids to bed and tackled the dryer.

I did really important holding the flashlight and handing him things.

We broke out the ohmmeter...(I learned a lot.)

And discovered something about "no return" - or something...and that meant electricity wasn't going through the coils to heat them...

So T removed the heating element. One part of the coil had burned up. Hence the problem. T told me we were blessed that the house didn't burn down. There was a ton of lint down there! (an entire Walmart bag packed FULL - and I do clean my lint filter EVERY time and I stick the vacuum wand down there upon occasion.).

We googled the part. It was going to run us roughly $ I pulled a T move and called a repair shop first thing the next morning. They had the part and would sell it to me for $75. I woke the children, loaded the car, and we secured the part.

It took T less than an hour to put the new part in and re-assemble the dryer.

Good as new!

Oh, Mom was right...don't leave the house with the dryer running.

A photo of our newly installed heating element...working!

And "the man!" - Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty fine man!

Now in addition to the dryer going ka-put, something red wound up in with a load of many whites...and they are all pink! Including a sweet little gown of MC's and my fav burp cloth...ugh!

And an old roof leak we'd paid to have fixed a few years ago poured forth once more. Lovely.

And the kids jammed a dvd into the player...I took it apart and successfully removed said item and put the player back together...and it works!

I dried her hair hilarious is that?

Let me explain.

We were all in MW's room when I saw T3 (who's been potty training for the last week or so) standing in front of MW's Barbie castle, undies down, tee teeing. I screamed, "no, no, no! Not there!"

Little man was tee teeing in the Barbie potty.



  1. OMG...That is HILARIOUS!! Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And the barbie potty was the closest thing!

    And look at MC with her eyes open! And that hair is great! So cute!!

    Your man sounds a lot like mine! They can obviously fix ANYTHIGN!! Got to love it!

  2. least it was a potty, right? ;) That is so funny!

    MC is SO CUTE and I love her hair!

  3. Oh Jen! That is too much... I love the hair. The potty is hilarious! How could you scream... he was doing as he was told! :)

  4. Sorry you have so many repairs. That hairstyle on MC is so funny! Now all she needs is some sunglasses or something from MW and she'll be very "punk". :) And the have trained him well!! Only a mother would wash it out. :) Love you!

  5. Too funny! I'm sure it wasnt at the time. Jake has replaced our heating element 2 or 3 times...our dryer is an original FabriceMaster200 by Kenmore, olive green...fresh from the 60's. Love MCs hair!!

  6. I found your blog through Katie's, and it's so cute (I happened upon Katie's through a friend - our girls are a week apart). Anyway, our heating element went out about a week after our daughter was born. My husband fixed it. Just this week a belt stopped working (the inside wouldn't turn), and he fixed that too. It's amazing what these guys can do!

  7. I am very impressed with the DVD extraction. You are really the total package of a woman. How did I ever get you?!!

  8. Never a dull moment...and oh the joys of potty training. I feel for you! At least you can laugh about it all.

  9. I'm sorry about all your repairs!!!! MC is PRECIOUS and Trey is just too funny. I bet MW is loving being such a big sister!!! I can't believe your dryer comment... how many times did we hear that?!

  10. I love, love the picture of MC and can't wait to meet her. I hate to ask this here, but can you email me? No text needed, just your email address. I sent you an email and it came right back. LOTS of prayers for you right now.