Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend...& Surviving

What a GREAT weekend!

Katie, Matt, and Mary Thomas made the long trek to meet our newest little one! And we had a blast!

Saturday Katie and I packed up all the kiddos and ran an errand. We tried to capture the moment digitally, but without much success.

Saturday morning we headed to the pool.

Mary Thomas hung out on the edge of the baby pool.
It was a little colder than she cared for.

Not to mention there was a wild indian in there!

Who fancies himself an Olympic swimmer!

After an hour or so, the little girls just couldn't take it anymore...

But the big girl was just gearing up...

Thanks to a little help from Uncle Matt...

And her Daddy!

And then Uncle Matt broke out some serious skills...

Saturday afternoon I got to take a few pics...

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a pic of the bffs...

Sunday was Katie's birthday, so we celebrated Saturday night!

Happy Birthday, Katie.
You inspire me!
I love you!
And I love seeing you as a wife and mama!
Blessings to you on your birthday!

They packed up and headed out Sunday morning.
I miss them.

And as for the "surviving" portion of the title...

Today. I. Did. It.

I loaded up three little ones and ran errands. We couponed at CVS and Walgreens. We went by the bank and the coffee store. We even went to Sams. And. It. Was. Okay.

Oh, did I mention it was pouring down rain? And that the kids LOVED running through the rain??? They thought that was the BEST part! We screamed and laughed the whole way. And really, it was fun. There eyes lit up so bright!

Thankfully the kind man working at the coffee store gave the children an m&m cookie...which kept them content in their car seats, while I fed little bit in the parking lot, incognito, of course. During which we sang along to a catechism cd, compliments of T's cousin.

Three is pretty fun.


  1. Cake details please!!!!! Looks divine!
    Happy Birthday Katie.
    Proud of the errand running....:) Way to go girl~

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend!

    What's the name of the catechism CD? I've been looking for something like that!

  3. I still love playing in the rain :) Sounds like an awesome weekend!!

  4. Fun stuff! I just can't get over how much T3 looks like T!

  5. such a fun post to read!! thanks for the birthday wishes...and the breadsticks, and the cake, and taking pictures...

    don't let the milky white skin scare you. matt's arms and neck are really tan. :)

    LOVE the bff pictures (and pretty much any pic with MT in it). Mary THomas looks like a giant!! :)

    love you!

  6. Love her blown dry hair and the olympic swimmer too cute!!!