Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5...and INSANE

Little Bit (MC) slept five, count 'em...FIVE hours last night...and the night before. Oh I hope, hope, hope she'll do it again tonight!!!

And for the insane part...T spent some time on the phone with the vet...and $19 on a book about dogs...and several hours on the internet...and then made a few phone calls...and...shhhhh...don't tell MW...he's going to check out some puppies. They are two weeks old. About the same age as MC! INSANE. We have a new baby. This, THIS, is insane! (And I'm excited about it!!!)

MW's been patiently waiting for a new puppy...since Cookie departed...MW wants a girl, but the vet suggested a boy. So...a boy it will be. 

T wants to check out these puppies completely before we breathe a word of 'em to MW. You know how little girls are.

I've been totally upfront with T and MW, that I cannot, absolutely CANNOT do a puppy and a newborn. 

They've committed themselves to the task.

This will be interesting...

I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. yea for 5 hours of sleep!!!!! Keep it up MC!
    If MW is as responsible with the puppy as she was with Cookie, I don't think yall will have a problem at all. It'll be fun to watch a puppy and a baby the same age grow.