Saturday, July 4, 2009


is a lot more than 2.

And I'm so glad these aren't all mine! During this exciting visit someone set the "bed alarm" off and we were greeted with a rush of enthusiastic nurses...and our neighbors on either side asked if the fire alarm was going off. Oops. Hee hee. Thank goodness the nurses were so gracious!

I'll need to do a celebratory post as an ode to the grandmothers...who have been nothing short of GRAND!!! They're here, bathing, diapering, cooking, cleaning, laundering, sewing, ironing, shopping, and just in general, running things beautifully! No child has lacked for attention. They've diligently kept me off my feet and made sure my every need was more than met. JJ has spent hours in the hundred degree heat outdoors with the children...splashing in the baby pool, swinging on the swing set, chasing bicycles, etc. Bobo has spent hours washing clothes, ironing and folding, sorting the tub of girl clothes, washing dishes, cooking up some of the best eating around, etc.! She even went all out for the fourth with steaks (from a local butcher) and corn on the cob and yeast rolls, followed by DELICIOUS homemade caramel brownies!!! T made decaf coffee was quite a feast! So...thank you JJ and Bobo for ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!! You compliment one another so well and it's been such a blessing having you both here! I don't know what I'll do when you head home!!!

And now for a few pics of our precious newest addition...MC! Yep, it's overload. Enjoy!

Thanks to Mom, I did get the gown smocked! 
She put it together for me and it turned out just beautiful!

A proud Great-Grandfather!

A proud Grand-Father and Daddy!

An adoring big-sis...who can't keep her hands off little bit!

The tenderness of an adoring and wonderful Father...

We've got shots of all our kids beside a donut...just for fun...

Oh the questions...and SO MUCH help!

MW dressed herself for the occasion...a dress up bride dress and her cowgirl boots. 

Preparing to head home...

These two held onto either side of the was pretty sweet!

When T saw how packed the car was...with three little ones, 
all he could muster was, 
"Oh my."

The ride home was uneventful, unless you count MW screaming at T3 to "STOP." The little guy was hitting his baby sis...we'll have to work on the car seat arrangements. Clearly, our current choice isn't going to work.



  1. You did not walk out of that hospital just having a baby..... you look awesome!!! I love all the pics..... sweet, sweet family! Jonathan had a great time with T on Saturday.... he was very grateful that you let him go..... not so sure if I would have been that gracious :)

  2. Jenn, I gobbled up all these beautiful pics! You look incredible--and after delivering a baby too! Such precious times for you guys! I'm glad that you all are getting plenty of help (even from the younger bro and big sis!) Kiss Baby MC for me! (What am I to her? Aunt Bekah? :) lol)