Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keeping the Humor

(this pic is totally random...
MW picked up the camera from inside the car and took a picture of us...
more like about twenty pics of us...)

This morning found me and the little man at Target...trying on a maternity dress...that a few nights ago T  had said he really liked. (He NEVER makes comments like that about clothes)...which is why I was there, trying it on.

So anyway...we make our way to the dressing room. I had just taken the dress off when the little man unlocked the door...and ran out...

Without thinking...I too ran out...and grabbed him by the back of the shirt...and backed back into the dressing room. I explained to him in no uncertain terms exactly what would happen should he open that door again.

Now, I had a choice to make. To either cry and die in there of embarrassment (which in my hormonal pregnant state, made sense for a splitting second), or laugh it off.

I decided the only logical choice was to laugh it off.

Let me just say that at six and a half months pregnant, there were some really lucky shoppers in the clothing/shoe department of Target. (I am being COMPLETELY sarcastic.)

However, I don't think I'll take the little man in the dressing room with me again. EVER.


  1. Thanks for your note on our blog! I look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks for e-mailing me! :)

  2. Oh dear- may I just say you are WAY MORE sanctified than I am!

  3. HEEEEEEHEEE! Yes, the Streaker. I wondered who that was! JUST KIDDING. Cute picture of you two. :) MW might just be followin' in your footsteps, literally. ;)

  4. By the way, you know that was you I gave the "shout out" to in my blog yesterday, right? :) Thanks for your encouragement. Eden did much better with the bottle last night.

    And your kids are adorable!

  5. I LOVE that picture of you and your T!!!!! MW is quite the photographer. You can tell by that picture that you find shelter in those arms fashioned for you by God. That very particular part of the body of Christ, that is your husband's arms. Oh! Makes my heart jump thinking about my Bill's arms!

  6. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh about the Target incident. That sounds like something that would happen to me!

    MW is a great photographer! That is a good pic of you and T!

  7. I too just had to laugh out loud at your incident at Target. Tell that story to T3's wife someday...HA HA! OH, and tell MW that pic is beautiful. I love it-so casual and sweet of you two. (I suggest you keep all 20 of those photos MW took-they'll be some sweet memories someday.)

  8. I love that MW took that sweet picture!

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