Thursday, January 22, 2009

SCORE!!! was a great day. But it's also been a day I've been reminded anew of where my value is found. Kind of one of those things you know to be true and struggle with here and there, but usually wind up shrugging off...T3 had MDO and MW had school and T was off work we dropped off children and made a few returns and were home again by 9:20am...T set to work replacing broken window panes which were broken due to: 

1. a re-glazing attempt by the husband and bro-in-law (like...2 years ago)
2. a little girl's foot that went through the window while waiting eagerly for Bobo in a chair at the window with foot on glass "pushing as hard as I could" (like...7 months ago) and 
3. a dog eager to bite the mailman (like...a few weeks ago).

And while T was working on that...I FINISHED ALL MY IRONING!!!  (thanks in NO small part to tons of help from my sister and mom - thanks guys!!!) and laundry!!! And I put it all away...And then I pulled everything out of the laundry room and swiffered the walls and dusted the light fixture and wiped down baseboards and vacuumed like an insane woman...and then I re-organized everything and put it all back...and it looks so pretty and void of any dirty clothes or clothes in need of ironing. I did all of that just in time to rush out the door to drive carpool...and as I was rushing, smiling at the wonderfulness of my clean and orderly laundry room and at just how much I had accomplished...happy inside at the promise I made myself to continue doing one load a day - all colors mixed, on cold, wash, dry, fold, and put away...and now iron...and I'll always have a clean laundry room and I'll always be on top of it. Basically, I was giddy with excitement over how neat it all looked, etc. I felt so "in control." So as I was rushing to pick up the kids and was reflecting on this most wonderful morning which had left me with such a sense of accomplishment it hit me...why do I find my worth in what I DO? This morning I chose to stay in bed rather than rise and spend time with my Savior. When I came home to a quiet house and a husband who was working outside...I opted to iron and clean and organize, rather than take a few moments to be still in the Lord's presence...and it occurred to me that so often my mood for the day is set based on what I'm able to cross of my to do list...and don't get in the way of that list! actions have communicated the list is more important than people...than even my relationship with Christ. was this glorious feeling of "yeah, I'm together" that was shattered as the Holy Spirit prodded my hard heart. I was standing there surveying the results of my work when I thought to myself, "I feel pretty good about myself right now." (Yes, I know...pretty shallow...) and then a few minutes later I thought, "Why do I feel so "on top of the world right now? Is it because I am complete in Christ? Is it because He has covered my sins with His blood and has bought me with the price of His Son's death on the cross? Is it because I am of great worth to my Heavenly Father?" And I had to answer honestly..."Nope. Not because of any of those's because my laundry room is really clean and pretty right now and that makes me feel really good about myself." Hmmm...kind of pathetic. So today, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I had to pick up my sword and battle self-love...again! I fear finding my worth in my performance, or in how much I accomplish, will be a life long struggle for me.

I feel funny changing gears here...

But I did want to share my very exciting three deals of the day!!! I went to several thrift stores with a friend (we were hunting coffee cups for a project...). And while we were rushing past everything else to search for these ultra cool mugs...three things JUMPED out at me...

These super cool rain boots for $ LaCrosse (I googled them and found some similar for about $47!) for MW...who was thrilled!

These ADORABLE cowgirl boots...with a heel!!! for $2!!!

And these super cute pink velvet pants for $2.50! 

Changing gears again...

This morning MW let me braid her hair...because I convinced her that Laura (from Little House on the Prairie) probably wore hers this way. Here's a shot I took while she twirled round and round in her new cowgirl boots.

T took MW out on a date tonight. She takes after her Mama and LOVES French Onion they went to our fav. place for FOS...she insisted on wearing her new pink pants over her tights and under her dress...and her new boots...and I let her use one squirt of my perfume since she's such a "big girl." She was quite thrilled!!! and has been anticipating this date night for a week or so. When they got home, I put my arms around T and told him how happy it makes me that he is the kind of man who takes his daughter on dates and loves her and invests in her life like that. Precious.

And little man was less than happy about being left at home with me. He did, however, get some left over salmon and broccoli and then a "bar" - make that a granola bar! Food usually appeases him...hmmm... :)

We played upstairs after dinner. T3 scooted the trampoline close to my chair and had the best time jumping off the trampoline into my lap. Such fun! After he wore himself out jumping, he lifted his arms and said, "holl-shoe," which means "hold you." So I scooped him up and we snuggled for a few minutes. As bed time drew nearer he got sister's pillow and a blanket and made his own little bed on the trampoline.

After we put the little man to bed we readied MW for bed. I took out her braids and she had that 80s crimp look I told her to run in and tell T she was Cyndi Lauper...and he sent her back to me saying, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" ha, ha!


  1. I love your labels: daily life, deals, sin. Its so hard to balance it all. You are such a great woman! You inspire me continually.

  2. Hello Jennifer! This is Courtney Craig. I stumbled onto your blog from Magan's blog and I'm so glad I did! I really appreciated your thoughts about spending time with our Savior and then I enjoyed reading about your family life too. Hope y'all are well!

  3. Oh! what a convicting post. I so often choose the same thing - my list always wins and a smaller list makes me feel better - often to the neglect of my Savior, my husband and my child(ren).