Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Grapefruit

Oh it’s been too long! I have missed you blog!

MS (that's morning sickness) has moved in…it seems permanently…I was aware of her invasion around 3am, when I woke to the smell of stinky gym socks. What in the world???…turns out T was having an early morning snack of roast and potatoes and carrots…(he’s been on night shift and his body clock is a little off right now). I covered my nose with my pillow and finally drifted back to sleep, though I felt like leaning over the side of the bed to be sick. This morning she awoke shortly after I got out of the shower, and made herself known as I gagged over the kitchen sink, for no reason in particular. She hung around all morning, despite my hour nap – a last ditch effort to send her packing, and also because I simply lacked the energy to do anything else. Thank goodness for school and mom’s morning out! She continued to twist my stomach in knots for the rest of the afternoon, making me gag a few more times…she forced me to close my eyes while I packed T’s dinner…roast with gravy (which had congealed and was wiggling on top)…oh yeah, that almost did it! Part of me is thankful to have her…by way of encouragement that something big is going on inside! If history repeats itself, only eight weeks, six days, and one hour left until she leaves. She usually packs up and moves on out at 16 weeks. I know she won’t be here forever.

This morning my sinful heart hoped, hoped, hoped MW's teachers would know I DID NOT dress her! Her daddy did! And I am so thankful for his willingness to jump in there. I woke at ten ‘til 8 in a panic and then realized I could hear T’s voice on the monitor upstairs…he was dressing the children and was going to let me catch a little extra sleep. SO sweet! When MW came down, she was wearing a red turtle neck with tiny pink and white and blue flowers printed all over it, along with dark aqua blue corduroy pants with a tan and navy flower print, pink, purple, and neon green heart socks, and her tennis shoes. Her hair was pulled back in a low pony tail with a yellow rubber band, with her part still intact. Wow! She was lookin' good! As T said, "that's what happens when Daddy dresses her."

Seeing her made me smile, in a good way!

I laid out her clothes for tomorrow. :)

T3 is having trouble distinguishing any round food object from apples. If it’s round, it’s an “apple.” The kid LOVES apples. Tonight, I was out of apples. He sat in his high chair and pointed at a grapefruit and yelled “apple, apple, apple! Peas! Peas! Apple! Peas Apple!” So finally I cut into the grapefruit and he tried it…AND LOVED IT! I got some hilarious pics! I’ve never seen his face scrunch up like it did with that sour grapefruit!

We have this rule that if you clean your plate and you find yourself hungry later on, you can have a piece of bread. If you didn’t clean your plate, you can have a large breakfast when you wake in the morning.

I’ve been buying wheat bread since I started buying bread. This week Winn Dixie had bread BOGO. I wanted two wheats, but they only had one left and the other available BOGO bread was white…so I took it. I’m not a huge white fan, but it would do. So…my kids won’t eat it. T3 refused and MW took a bite and begged for a piece of wheat bread! What have I done??? How many four year olds out there are begging for a piece of wheat bread instead of white bread? How many 19 month olds? 


  1. Hahahahaha--those pictures of T3 are absolutely hilarious!

    So sorry your morning sickness has arrived. Good luck bearing through it!

  2. You got some GREAT pics of T3....hysterical!

  3. Ok.... but don't you feel so much better after you gag or dry heave. It's like it releases some sort of something that makes you feel like you've actually thrown up... watering eyes and all! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. OK, you are sooo wrong for talking about congealed gravy that wiggled. I almost started gagging just reading that! hope you start feeling better soon-I'm right there with you. Love you

  5. It was nice to see your comment and thanks for the compliment on the pictures! I am loving my new endeavor :)
    CONGRATS on the bun in the oven! Hope that you get past that sickness, I have always had trouble pregnant or not, smelling food when I am not hungry or eating. Waking up to it would have done me in too!
    That grapefruit goes to show you that we never know what they will eat :)