Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Um....

Honey, before you call home again, I hope you read my blog. I’d like to confess about a little accident. You see, the bricks that are stacked on the “back up pad” of our driveway make it a little difficult for me to successfully maneuver my big ol’ car through the gate. I’m not too great with spatial relationships. I um…well…um…I accidentally bumped the fence on my way out to pick up T3 from Mother’s Day Out…and um…well, I didn’t think I’d hit it very hard. I was going slow. I did pop the right gate off its hinges, but dear, you know I’ve done that once before and it was really no big deal. You’re so good with your hands and you had it fixed in no time at all. That’s all I thought I did this time…as I pulled forward the car began to feel like it was going bump…hump…bump…hump…hmmm….so I got out and realized that I’d torn a hole in my tire. I take full responsibility. I am sorry. Perhaps I should park on the street for a spell…I love you.


  1. oops. he loves you anyway. matt let me have it for hitting a "little curb" and banging up my rim. but there was total redemption when he dropped a 2x4 smack in the middle of my hood. ahhh...do you smell it? victory, i say.