Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Last Lunch

Do I have a permanent laugh crease across my face?

This afternoon I heard MW in the hot water heater closet. She likes to pretend it's her "house-ee." At one point she scampered out and announced she was "cookin' dinner for the disciples." Not too long after that she came back out, tilted her chin to the side and asked, "just for a little bitty treat, can I PLEASE pretend to be Jesus!?" That look on her face, the smile on her lips...I reply, "let me think about that." She's asked me this before and I've always suggested she pretend to be someone else. Since T wasn't home, I decided to call a friend and ask her to help me think though my reservations...long story short, during the phone conversation this friend made the comment, "well, it's not like she's pretending it's the last supper..." I wound up telling MW "no," but the point is that when T got home I relayed all of this to him. He shared with me that yesterday MW cooked lunch for the disciples and called it "the Last Lunch."

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